"burning you dog" thread? Can't find

Talked a friend into joining SDMB, and wanted to give her the link to the infamous “I burning you dog…” thread, as that is one of the funniest things ever read.

A search produced 30 pages, but think it was before the last page therein. Is it still in the archives somewhere?

Anybody know a link?

Conveniently, it was linked four hours ago in the second post here.

Don’t forget 1920 style death ray.

Thanks, guys, I knew I could count on you. I’ll file the link away for posterity.

Uh, NWS for us Dopers who don’t want a plethora of profanity on our monitors.

Interesting…a read-through of that thread reveals that nowhere does it contain the phrase “I burning you dog”.

“…play it again, Sam.”

Moved to ATMB.

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The title says “I burning your dog.” I never understood how ‘your’ got corrupted to ‘you.’

There was a different thread. The title was something like: “You burned my dog, now I burning you dog.” It would have been in 2003, maybe summer or autumn IIRC when I was a member under a different user ID (but let’s not talk about those days). I’m almost certain the mods have squirreled it away in their own top secret list of threads never again to be viewed by the public. I remember seeing the title in The Pit’s front page, but I don’t recall opening it. Now if you search Thaidog’s posts there is no mention of it in his history.

Thaidog was a pretty…eccentric…character. Given the fury of many of his posts, it’s entirely possible it was a simple typo, but it went so well with the shrillness of his rants you could almost hear the voice of an incensed Thai man screaming in broken English. He was masterful. In a way.

It was after Thaidog was banned; there was a celebratory thread, called something like “You banned Thaidog! Now I burning YOUR dog!” I think maybe it was deleted for the DNFTT rule; I can’t find it now.

Personally, I always got the impression that Thaidog was just some asshole posting while wasted out of his mind. He was certainly not Thai; I remember his profile had a link to his homepage, with plentiful pics of him.