Bush wins 2004 in a landslide!

It’s true God told Pat Robertson it’s so!

I like this line best…


Thank God Robertson is rightie rather than a leftie. I’d be so damn embarrassed.

Thank God I’m an Indie.

Hee hee.

“…So all you 700 Club viewers need not bother voting, we’ll be just fine without you.”

As I recall, Osama bin Laden was also able to claim God’s endorsement. I wonder if Mullah Robertson has warmed up to his sweet Saudi comrade-in-arms and the rest of Al Qaeda?

He needed God to tell him that? Shoot, I been saying it for months.


Even Pat Robertson gets one right once in a while. Whether God is involved or not is open to question. Probably it’s more like the “Even a blind hog occasionally finds an acorn” theory.

Well, sure, But people listen to God.

Well, unless the Democrats come up with someone worth voting for, it doesn’t take much insight, divine or otherwise, to make this prediction. It’d be nice to have a candidate that we could actually vote * for * rather than just because we’re against the other guy.

Y’know, whenever young kids asked me, “Is there a Santa Clause?”, I always took great delight in saying, “Yes, Virginia… there is.”

Similarly, whenever young Democrats ask me, “Do any of our candidates stand a chance in hell of beating Bush right now?”, I always took great delight in saying, “Yes, California… there is.”

I think fairy tales are important for the wee ones. Improves their creativity, don’tcha know.

Every time Robertson opens his mouth, Karl Rove winces.

Now there’s a prediction that I can BELIEVE in. :smiley:

Seriously, why do people like Robertson get a pass with hearing voices? Ordinarily, if someone hears voices from invisible beings, we lock them up. Robertson’s god seems very hateful to me.

Oh no, now we have to lock up Moses?

Saying Bush is going to win is hateful? Then practically every opinion poll in America for the last six months is hate speech.


Y’know, I was just talking to God last Thursday, and he wasn’t all that sure about it. Oh sure, he still had Bush at 7 to 2 over Dean, but he was starting to lay off some bets on Clark at 25 to 1.

He only laughed when I mentioned Kerry. Seems he was working on a caricature for a cartoon contest when he accidentally brought him to life. Kerry was supposed to be a cross between a New England crab fisherman and a vulture–never meant for actual animation.

So, anyway, don’t believe Robertson. God doesn’t really like him all that much, so he doesn’t give him the good, juicy, heavenly gossip tidbits.

At least that’s what He said.

Shodan you need to work harder at your pose of wide-eyed ingenuousness because it ain’t foolin’ nobody no how. You know full well that Robertson likes to sic his pet deity on gay people, liberals, and the ACLU. Remember how he blamed 9/11 on gays and liberals for wrecking “God’s veil of protection”? How Robertson predicted (wrongly) at divers times that God would punish Virginia Beach and Orlando with storms because they passed pro-gay ordinances?

Well, its hard to fault the near perfection of GeeDubya’s Christianity.

He knows Jesus gave long odds on rich folks getting into Heaven, something about passing a camel through the eye of a needle. So he is determined to do his level best to make it up to them, to make thier time here on Earth as comfortable and privileged as possible, kinda take the sting out of eternal Hellfire. What a guy!

As well, he knows the humble and poor are on the fast track, he does his very, very best to make sure they stay that way.

And when it comes to compassionate forgiveness, why, he’s the very embodiment! When he had to sign death warrants, he sometimes agonized as long as half-an-hour! And then, of course, he went jogging. Now, he had an extra advantage there, the purity of justice in the Texas criminal courts is widely known, and beloved of the nations. Its perfection is absolute, so utterly beyond question, that he never once, not once felt moved to clemency.

Hell, I’ve never been as sure about anything as he is about everything!