Bush wrote a poem

Here it is

He should keep his day job.
Oh wait …

I’m still looking for
Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Hope I find them soon.

Why did Mr Rove
tell me there were WMDs?
I’ll lose in '04!

I thought it was kinda sweet and funny. But why the comma in between “my” and “lump”?

It’s getting hot in
here. So take off all your clothes
Or call off the press.

Not bad, but I prefer this one.

The picture in the OP was shown on SNL’s Weekend Update a few hours ago.
It seems Jacques proposed, and Laura said “yes”…

Violets are blue,
Roses are red,
Taxes are cut,
Iraqis are dead.


There once was a Pres’dent, a Texan,
Whose biceps were always a-flexin’
Once, after a shock,
He said “Let’s bomb Iraq!
All them Ay-rabs got to be taught a lesson!”

He’s almost as good at writing poetry as he is at being President.

Roses are red
violets are black
I lied about WMDs
to get war in Iraq

Saddam tried to kill
my president dad
I’ll get my revenge
even if the UN gets mad

When the WMDs
don’t get found
I’ll just say Saddam
was like a rabid hound

“Roses are redder?”

“Lump in my bed.” Aw, that old softie.

Heh heh … I find it sweet that he wrote a poem for his wife, but for crying out loud, my wife and I both thought that poem was pretty awful. And the “lump in the bed” part is freaking me out.

Diplomatizing, woman’s work. And she said
She wanted to go to Franceland anyway,
Something about some anniversary.
The lump in the bed, she’s no Jackie O
(Which is good for me because you know
How that turned out if you know what I mean),
Speaking French to the Frenchers,
But she made nice with Jack Shellac all right
And though there’s talk of mending fences
By staffers swift and yes-man,
My silver spoon falls from my lips to clatter on the oval floor.
So cruel! To see her drooled o’er by that peacenik Saddam-loving frog!

Why in the hell would she read that in public? They had to know it’s awful and would only lead to ridicule. What could they possibly have hoped to accomplish?

I think it was to soften his image: make him into a sweet, goofy guy who lovingly teases his wife. It’s supposed to be endearing, as I’m sure his wife finds it.

My husband and I leave little silly poems for one another to find. Often humorous, they’re not exactly of stellar quality, but we have fun with it.

I’m sure she finds it so sweet and charming that she wanted to share it with everyone, not really thinking it would cause people to ridicule her husband.

Well, sure, but the question is why didn’t she know this poem would result in ridicule of the president?

My theory is that this was her revenge for the “lump in my bed” remark. :smiley:

Ironic, on the same day I read a poem by the C-I-C, I read one by a man hated even more than Bush in the NYC area (but probably a little less so on these boards):

-George Steinbrenner
as quoted in the NY Post 10/7/03


Right the f**k on, bro! Zing!