Bush's answer to Katrina screwups? Extreme Makeover, naturally!

I kid you not. We’re living in a fucking farce, people.

Showing just how seriously the Bush administration takes Katrina’s devastating destruction (to what remains of their credibility, anyway), our First Lady is going on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. 'Cause nothing says “we care” like high ratings!

Aw, wouldn’t want to get those lily-white hands of yours dirty, wouldja, Pickles? Noblesse fucking Oblige. 80-year-old President Carter goes out and builds homes with his bare hands, but dear Laura mustn’t be sullied with manual labor of any sort.

Ahh! So Laura going on a high-rated TV reality show to pass out some clothing = the government caring about the thousands of displaced families. Gotcha. And when Jenna appears on Fear Factor, it’ll surely display the administration’s concern about feeding the poor.

They claim they want to encourage the “private sector” to give money to our neighbors. Heaven forbid! Wouldn’t want the government to do what it’s supposed to do, would we? Don’t know about you all, but I’d sure as fuck rather my tax money go to disaster cleanup in the U.S. than to exacerbating the disaster we helped create in Iraq.

What’s worse is that the Bush admin actually asked the Extreme Makeover folks for this gig. Yup, among their very first reactions to a national tragedy is this meaningless, pathetic, exploitative camera-whoring gesture.

The hits truly keep on coming with this bunch.

Se when is Dubya going on Survivor? Maybe we can, ya know, sort of forget and just leave him on an island somewhere? My bad :smiley:

Hey, thre IS a shred of something good about this.

The Google ads at the bottom of this thread aren’t for mailing lists any more. :smiley:

And what exactly is Hil…er, never mind. Another Bush thread. Wheee!

Come on, I said something almost nice in another thread, so now I had to come here and “balance it out” :smiley:

I’m picturing a scene out of Soapdish.

DIRECTOR: Places. Okay, bring on the homeless black people… okay, smiles, you’re happy homeless black people, take the khakis the First Lady is… CUT! Good God, can’t we get some thinner and more grateful looking poor black people? Call Central Casting.

Ahhh yes, every Republican’s response to a Bush criticism: Oh yeah? What about the Clintons??? Christ, don’t you people get fucking tired of hauling that out?

FWIW, Senator Clinton is doing her job and asking Bush to create an independent commission to examine the response to the disaster. She’s also pushed (successfully) for millions in funds for NY firefighters. `

Come on, duffer. Do you really think Laura going on Extreme Makeover is anything more than the latest of Bush’s blatant and desperate grasps for publicity?

It’s Hilary **Duff er**…

Well in fairness, the man did get a blow job in office… I mean, c’mon. Contrast that to Bush who, might have possibly maybe gotten us into an unwinnable war by lying and to “begin a democracy” that will last three minutes after withdrawal (Clinton got a blow job, which means withdrawal was something he didn’t even think about!) and may have pretty much bungled everything he touched while turning surplus into a nightmarish deficit, but it’s a simple fact: BUSH DIDN’T GET A BLOW JOB FROM AN INTERN! It bears repeating at every opportunity.

Yeah, finally they’ve woken up!

I see one for an “extreme makeover” dentist, one for the “Extreme Makeover” show, and one for dental health/oral hygiene. Is that last one because of the Clinton reference?

I predict that this board will talk a lot about the ads, but nobody will click on them.

I see Jenna more on a rich-bitch celebrity skankdown with Paris Hilton.

I for one believe it needs repeating in every thread, no matter what the subject but sometimes I get so caught up with the actual topic of debate that I forget. Therefore I thank the Lord on a regular basis for the diligence of Duffer and his merry little band.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Clinton’s blowjob.

Ahh. The chimp-in-a-suit strikes again. How many more years? :smiley:

Which is why I’m sponsoring the Give Bush a Blowjob fund.

Can I make a donation? If the guy is getting blow jobs he can’t be invading countries and looking for WMDs, can he?

Why do you need a fund? Some of the posters on this board have been giving him virtual ones at every opportunity, I doubt it would take much to convince any of 'em to do it for real.

The ads at the bottom I see are now for websites like DemocraticMatch.com and dontblamemeivoted4kerry.com.

Didn’t take Google long to get this board’s number.

But please! Don’t take this as an indictment at the regular-as-clockwork mindless Bush-bashing threads. Perish the thought.

I keep seeing an ad for Republican dating service.

But it’s “interesting” that you see an ad choice as an indictment.

The headline should have read, “Desperate Housewives in the White House”


Given Barbra Bush’s infamous remarks about the people from New Orleans I’m surprised she’s not participating on the show.

Now there’s an ad for Ballbreakers.

Granted, it’s a billiards ad, but still. Awesome.