Bush's Legacy

It looks like our president will go down in history as someone who ‘took on’ terrorism and went to war to prevent the spread of WMD. I think future generations would hold him in MUCH higher regard if, by some miracle, he could find a peaceful solution to this mess.

Any legacy of President Bush’s will have to wait until long after his presidency. The ripple effect of a war with Iraq may not be completely felt for several years, when the country falls into chaos after the US troops leave. Also, what impact will this war have on the fight against terrorism? Will it strike fear into the hearts of potential madmen (doubtful) or unleash a new wave of terror attacks on both the US and Israel (much more likely). However this turns out, Bush should get the lion’s share of the credit or the blame (although I am sure that Rush Limbaugh will find a way to blame Bill Clinton if things turn out messy.):rolleyes: