Business trips- sharing accommodation

Situation- you’re going interstate with a work colleague. The colleague is of the opposite sex. To save on costs you share accommodation. Separate bathrooms, bedrooms. Shared kitchen and dining facilities.

Right or wrong?

Although not exactly the same, there was a thread on sharing rooms on business trips that you might find interesting here.

I wouldn’t like it, but it might be alright if I knew the person fairly well.

I thought I’d checked enough but nooooo… thanks for directing me there :slight_smile:

If there’s separate bedrooms and bathrooms, how is it a shared accomodation? That’s like saying you’re sharing accomodations with all 493 other people at the Holiday Inn next weekend.

Well the OP said there were shared kitchen and dining areas. It sounds like a shared suite, so it is not “like saying you’re sharing accomodations with all 493 other people at the Holiday Inn next weekend.”

As long as both employees are comfortable with it, then I’d say it is fine. However, I don’t think it is a rooming arrangement that the employer should be able to force on them.

Well it sounds just the layout at the Courtyard by Marriott I am staying at while I type this.
I have my own private bedroom, and bath. The restaurant is down the hall. :slight_smile:
As long as the muzak in the suite is not playing Bow-chica-bow-bow I don’t see the problem.

If costs are that much of a concern, I imagine you’d save more money by booking 2 separate rooms at a cheaper hotel than splitting a suite.

It is a silly question based on very arbitrary ideas of what includes “shared”. A lot of hotels can be turned into a string of room suites by opening up the connecting doors between them until you get to the end of the hall. I don’t see the point of the OP unless someone is a sleepwalking rapist. Don’t you have unsegregated kitchens, conference rooms, and things at work? I used to do business travel with just me and a drop-dead gorgeous female. We would share a rental car, have dinners alone together, and then go back to our hotel rooms that are right next door. She had an identical twin as well for an OMG factor. The difference between me and a Pug is that I don’t spontaneously start humping someones leg spontaneously and breath funny. Most of my friends are females as well so I don’t know understand how other people think on this issue. If I am going to fuck someone, it will be in secret like everybody else does it.