But... I'm white... and I have a jacket!

Yesterday I got on the tram to go down town and have lunch with a woman. Since she works as a civil servant and I am a politician, I dressed up a notch. I usually wear a T-shirt or sweater. This time I wore a brown manchester jacket and a striped shirt that is quite nice. I’m white, with a shaved head and a neatly trimmed beard.

The seats on the tram are divided equally down the middle line and in pairs of two, with a pair of two seats facing another pair of two seats. I’m sitting in one such 4-seat configuration, facing forward, closest to the window.

In the mirror version of my seat, to my right on the other side of the isle sits another man. He’s about the same age as me, possibly a bit younger (ie: 25-30). He looks arabic and wears jeans, a T-shirt and a leather jacket. He’s got a full beard, not a long one, but not trimmed either.

A young white woman gets on, nothing out of the ordinary, probably 18-22 years of age and wearing leisure clothes. She moves down the tram a few steps towards us, briefly glances at us, and without hesitation sits down opposite the would-be-plane-hijacker, shunning my side of the tram.

Confused! Is there a question?

After reading this post, I will be shunning your side of the train too.

I hope this gets moved to the Pit soon so I can say what I really want to say.

I hope the cops picked the woman up pronto and packed her off to Gitmo for fraternising with the Ay-rabs. :rolleyes:

She’s a liberal and doesn’t want to visually acknowledge her statistically unlikely fear of being the first to hear “Allah akbar” used in a sentence.

Maybe he’s better looking than you? Or maybe she just doesn’t like the way politicians smell?

She wanted a better viewpoint to admire you from, that’s all. It’s hard to stare dreamingly at someone when you’re sitting right next to them.

Stupidity? Humor? Something else? I’ll let the Pit sort it out.

You’re a politician? Perhaps she recognized you.

I would also have shunned you. Mainly because you are such a bore.

<Holding hands palms-up in the “pretend scale/weighing” gesture> Politician? Terrorist?.. Politician? Terrorist?

Dude, you’re a politician. That’s worse than a terrorist.

She was just playing hard to get. Women are coy when they find someone really attractive and will often pretend to avoid you. It happens to me all the time. She was waiting on you to make a move.

Soooo…you got her number, right? 867-5309?

Was he thinner than you? Maybe you were taking up more than just your own seat. I’m just saying.

Also: WTF? “Would-be-plane-hijacker”? Seriously, dude - you got issues.

My guess is that she sensed your racism and didn’t want to sit near someone like that.

Huh… Norrköping. Are you a fucking Sweden Democrat, by any chance?

If women are actively avoiding him, the “fucking” is debatable.

Heh… true enough. Just to put it into British perspective, though, this guy is talking like a member of the (regardless of status of personal sexual activity) fucking BNP.