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Hello everyone,

I wanted to quickly share our business website with the community. I run an online eCommerce business called Pixel Prints, which provides unique modern digital artwork printed on high-quality gallery style canvas. All of the art on the website is sold exclusively through us and can only be purchased through the website, (for now anyway). Most of our clientele is in the interior design business, but our average consumer base seems to be growing quickly, mostly due to referrals and word of mouth.

New artwork is uploaded on a frequent basis, usually bi-weekly. We also expire older designs over time, we feel that this is an interesting way to help limit the prints being made. This way the customers have a design piece that is somewhat rare to them alone.

Anywho, I won’t bore everyone with all the little details, all of this can be found on the website in our FAQ section. If anyone has any questions you can post them below.

Please feel free to browse the galleries, I would love to hear peoples opinions. You can follow the link below to our site. Thanks :wink:
[COLOR=“DarkOrange”]Pixel Prints[/COLOR]

Did you get permission to do this?
It’s kind of frowned upon unless you clear it with the mods.

He’s a paid member and in The Marketplace.


Didn’t see the forum - my appologies.

Nice to see! I would like to get paid membership as well.