Buying and selling used bicycle components on the web

Where on the internet can I find a relatively large group of people trying to buy or sell used road bike compnents? I used to use, but now they have started charging for ads, and its users have dropped off considerably. Any suggestions?

Well, a Google search for “used road bike components” turned up this. No clue as to whether it’s any good.

And here’s a page of links–

–with its classified section.

Unfortunately, it appears that two of those systems is shut down and the other appears quite small, but thanks for the effort. It is really hard to find sites that are popular on Google, does anyone know of a search engine that ranks sites by popularity?

E-bay has a pretty good size section of bicycle stuff, over 9000 items at the moment. Of course they are auctions not sales.

Looks like the OP got some good leads. This thread - asking for advice - would be better placed in the IMHO forum. I’ll close it here and if you need more, you might reopen it over there. Jill