Buying cigars for a guy who's quit smoking?

My boyfriend has recently quit smoking - an endeavor I fully support, despite the fact that I haven’t quite quit myself (I still smoke when I’m out drinking, which is once a week at the very most). Anyway, his birthday is in May, and I was wondering if buying cigars would be a bad idea. I know he loves smoking cigars, but do cigars fall under “quitting smoking”?

No, I don’t want to ask him; it’s supposed to be a surprise!

Awful idea.

Could you elaborate? Do you have experience with cigarettes/cigars?

I smoked 2-3 packs a day for ten years or so. Any smoking is “smoking”, IME. Any chance to remember how fucking awesome smoking is (and I loved it) is just going to make giving it up that much harder, and reintroducing nicotine into your system just means you have to learn to live without it all over again (and I mourned the loss of nicotine in my blood like a family pet. My brain works better on that sweet stuff). Buying cigars for someone who has just quit smoking would really seem like sabotage to me–whatever your intent, such an action pressures him to smoke (otherwise rejecting your gift and hurting your feelings). Once he smokes the cigars, there is a good chance he’ll go back to smoking cigarettes. Wouldn’t that make you feel terrible? And it might make him resentful. Why risk it?

I certainly don’t want to give him a present that will make him feel bad or sabotage his quitting - but I know of several people who don’t smoke cigarettes but do smoke cigars, so I was just wondering what other people thought.

It’s not a big deal - his birthday is still ages away. I just wanted to know if it’s possible to enjoy one without wanting the other.

When I quit smoking, I was introduced to the world of cigars. And honestly, cigars didn’t start me smoking again (although other circumstances started me smoking again).

Cigars ≠ Cigarettes to me.

If you light it, hold it in your hand, put it to your lips, and puff - whether or not you “inhale” - you’re smoking.

Though many say cigars and cigar-ettes are very different - they’re not. Same with pipes.

I vote bad idea.

Non-smoker, here, so my advice should be taken with a large grain of salt.

I believe it is possible for someone to enjoy cigars without craving cigarettes, but probably not a good idea for someone who has newly quit cigarettes.

I think for many people, cigars are an experience, a special treat, a celebration of life, whereas cigarette smoking is a habit, an addiction, . . .

So I don’t think it’s a stupid thing to wonder, but it sure isn’t a habit I’d encourage either.

Of course, one could argue that I’m a stick in the mud.

You can stop wondering.

It is a bad idea.

Thanks, but this isn’t really helpful. I was hoping more for Dopers who are smokers and ex-smokers to chime in with advice based on their own experiences, like Mandy JO and Balthisar. I suppose I should have specified that in the OP. Oh well.

Depends on the person. My dad went from four packs a day (for about 30 years) to zero cold turkey (4th attempt IIRC). Hasn’t had a single cigarette in 15 years. From time to time when he sees someone smoking he’ll make the comment “Ya know, I could pick up a cigarette and light it just like…like I just put one out 30 seconds ago”
But he still smokes cigars with no problem. I’d say he probably smokes 15-20 a year on average.

ETA, as a smoker, I can say smoking a cigar really doesn’t soothe the craving for a cigarette like you might think it would. Since you don’t inhale, you don’t A)get the same amount of nicotine and B)get the feeling of smoke in your lungs. In fact, the few times I’ve smoked cigars, I’ve been known to have a cigarette burning at the same time since it was so unsatisfying. Imagine having your very favorite meal, but not getting to swallow. It’s just not the same.

Oh, yeah. It’s smoking. But cigar smokers and pipers don’t inhale. Big difference. Huge. Just ask my lungs. I’ve been smoking pipes for years, but I’d hack like a junior high kid if I’d try to take a drag off a cigarette. Pipes and cigars aren’t risk free, but they’re drastically better than involving my lungs in my smoking habits – especially considering that the usage is much more moderate compared to cigarettes. Very few cigar smokers and pipers are pack-a-day types. There’s no time for it. You can’t step out for a quick nic-fix smoke break; it’s a slow-paced and relaxing, ruminating smoke. But then most of the non-inhaling smokers are not physically addicted to nicotine. We go days or weeks without, and with no agitation or withdrawals.

It is a bad idea for the same reason you don’t give someone who has quit drinking for 5 years a bottle of champagne. I don’t know who would think this is a good idea when there are an infinite variety of other choices. It is the same drug but in celebratory form but that doesn’t make it completely different. Nicotine is nicotine and it is a very addictive drug that he was addicted to and may still be primed to be to some degree. What on green earth would lead you to this question?

BTW: I used to smoke a long time ago so I guess I am qualified to post this. You can inhale cigar smoke if you want. I have done it many times. Your lungs won’t like it but you will get a nicotine rush from it.

Right, but chewing and spitting out a meal doesn’t seem like a great way to stay on a diet. It’s just going to intensify those cravings by reminding you of what you are missing.

It’s a different delivery system for the same drug. Just because you don’t inhale doesn’t mean you don’t get the nicotine. It’s absorbed through the membranes of the mouth. It would be reactivating the essential addiction.

I missed my edit window…you sort of finished what I was saying…
The cigar might make him say “ahhhh, that’s lovely…I’m hooked again now that I remember what I was missing” / “damn, that sucked, I need a real smoke” Or it might not.
You’re really going to have to ask him how he feels about it.

It’s going to be up to him. Just like everyone knows people who truly can have just one cigarette here and there while others can’t. Some people can smoke cigars with out going back to cigarettes while others can’t.

IMHO, don’t run out and buy them, it’ll be 4 months in May, wait until then and ask him how he feels about it. Some people can do it, some can’t. And you know him better then us, you’ll have to use your best judgment as to how honest he’ll be with himself about the answer.


bad idea in general although I am sure there are exceptions. That first day, week, month, months, maybe 6 months after quitting smoking is tough. Even more so in Asia where there are a lot of smokers and always something to smoke in a weak moment. Yet, if you pass that weak moment, it’s not bad at least for a while.

I’ve had that nicotine addiction kick back into overdrive on a lot of triiggers (gum laced with nicotine and caffene, had it with secondary smoke, and definately had it with that after 6 beers “one cigarette”, or only on a business trip).

That cigar might just trigger the nicotine craving all over again just as the tough part is already over.

Only thing that worked for me was getting through those first few months without falling off the wagon (and it was a lot easier when I quit hanging out in a bar with smokers), and then never ever smoking again. not sure when I finally kicked it but it was 8 or 9 years ago. YMMV.

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Are you insane?

Seriously, why are we even debating this?

Would you give a recovering junkie a morphine cupcake? A compulsive gambler tickets to Vegas? It’s* nicotine!*

Holy f… goes off mumbling to self.

Because I know people who don’t like cigarettes but do smoke cigars. I’ve never smoked a cigar and have never wanted to - in my mind cigars and cigarettes are totally different things.

I forgot how touchy Dopers are about smoking-related issues.

Thanks to those of you who’ve offered constructive feedback. I think I’ll wait a few months and then ask him about it in a roundabout way. Like I said, the last thing I want to do is tempt him back into smoking, but he really does(did?) enjoy cigars and they’re hard to get here, so I thought it might be a nice luxury gift. Maybe I’ll get a bottle of nice whiskey instead.