Buying Clothes Online...Dumb or Brilliant?

Yes, PLEASE don’t wear that strapless A-line dress that is the only wedding dress you ever see these days. My college roommate wore one like that, and she’s a pretty big girl, and also not a very tall girl, and my boyfriend poked me and whispered “How much money do you think she spent to look like she wrapped a towel around herself when she got out of the shower?”

He was not wrong.

Male here, so discount comments accordingly.

A wedding dress generally seems to be more important to women than say, a pair of jeans. For that reason, I say buy something you’ve actually tried on and know you’ll be happy with on the big day. May cost a little more, but it’s likely worth it, especially if the mail order dress turns out to be…not quite as nice as expected.

I love this dress. Also this one. And this one. I also love this dress, especially the purple one. You know what I keep finding in stores? Variations of this dress. They should just call this one “the eternally pregnant bride” or something else completely horrid.

ZipperJJ, mine wasn’t a wedding dress. It was a bridesmaid/prom dress that was actually in a couple of other mall stores at the time, but those stores didn’t carry it in plus sizes and wouldn’t order it for me. (And, quite frankly, the clerks I spoke to at those stores were quite rude about the whole thing.) It was just a tank-style bodice with a ballgown skirt, in ivory and gold brocade, somewhere between ankle and floor length depending on whether you got it in misses or plus sizes.

Based on the dresses you’ve linked that you really like, I’d say you’re way better off going with a bridesmaid dress or generalized formal than an actual wedding gown.

Oooh! The dress with the red on the bodice is *really *pretty!

Ah, well then I recommend Penny’s again :slight_smile: I’ve never bought a wedding dress myself but I have bought several fancy dresses at the Penny’s outlet - so they definitely have them in all sizes!

I know! It is so gorgeous but it is $449. I couldn’t justify that kind of purchase to myself unless that dress was able to do chores around the house after the wedding.

The one good thing I see about the site you posted pbbth, is that they used actual honest to og plus size models. You can see how a particular dress looks on a similar body to the one you have instead of a size 0 model. Most of the dresses are gorgeous and they are certainly priced well, but with the no return policy, I’d say no to this retailer.

So then I guess this plus this is under consideration? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just it case you didn’t realize this already, those Chinese websites are selling knock-offs of major bridal/prom designers. The photos that look professionally staged are almost certainly ones that they swiped off of the original designers website. For example:

(and yes I did waste part of my friday afternoon looking for a match … )

Hehe. I mentioned it to the SO and he laughed and said you’re awesome but I don’t think a sharpie is a proper way to decorate a wedding dress.

I really hate shopping for clothes and very rarely do I go into a brick and mortar store. I’ve been buying a lot of my clothes online [eBay especially] and like it a lot. I’ve had a few screw ups but they’re few. For something as important as a wedding gown, I wouldn’t buy it online unless it was from a BnM store’s site.

From the Mary’s BridalFAQs page:

Mary’s Bridal dresses go up to size 30, although they are probably more expensive and probably more over the top then you’re interested in.

Actually, you should take a look at their bridesmaids collection:

Wrap around A-line $170-200

With pick-ups $170-200

Black Lace $280-320

Embroidered $230-260

Layered Bodice $390-440

Those are just the ones I thought looked more like wedding dresses, but I didn’t make it past the first page, so I’m sure there are more. They all come in white, too.

If I ever get married, I’m hoping to have my dress made by the seamstress at Past and Present Creations I really like her lace version of the one dress from Titanic. I know Tracie from online, and she has an excellent reputation.

And if I needed alterations, I’d probably go to my aunt.

The second dress you posted was my wedding dress! I was a size 18/20 at the time I got married, and the size 20W David’s dress fit me to a T. I recommend David’s for plus-sized brides; they do have the best selection of dresses for us.