Women..Would You Buy Clothes ONline?

I ask becauseI wonder how many women would buy their clothes on line. All of the women I know like to see, feel, and try on clothes before they buy. Indeed, I think most women enjoy the shopping experience…something that is impossible on the internet.
So, should I invest in these online retailers? Or have they reached their market peak?

I buy online from Lands’ End, because I’m already familiar with their products and sizes. And I bought a London Fog trench coat online, because I couldn’t find what I needed in stores.

But, yes, buying in-person is still prefered, so I can try it on, and check out the fabric and workmanship.

I hate hate hate the “shopping experience” and my life would be much nicer if I could do all my purchasing on line. I don’t buy clothing all that often, and sometimes I can’t wait for an online purchase to arrive (like the time I had to have something to wear to a funeral) But if I’m not in a rush, I’d rather click than head to any brick and mortar store.

Most definitely!

I do it all the time.

I hate the shopping experience, too, and being able to shop from my desk is a big, big bonus.

I have a few places that I know are of decent quality and reliable service, and I’ve gotten to know the way they size. I therefore don’t particularly worry if the fabric sucks or if it will fit. I know that generally their products will be to my liking.

Another one who buys online (who is, in fact, wearing a sweater bought online through Amazon as we speak).

It’s no different than ordering from a catalogue – yeah, you have to return the item if it doesn’t fit, but that’s not really a big deal.

Another one who hates shopping. With fiery, fiery passion.

I online shop as much as possible, but I will admit that I only do it with familiar brands whose sizes I know. For instance, I buy jeans online, but only because I know for a fact that Old Navy size 10 Long fit great. It’s pretty rare for me to buy anything when I am unsure of the fit – I only do that with safe things, like socks or sweatshirts.

I love shopping. I love shopping online. I’ve bought quite a bit of stuff; however, I’ve very lucky becasue I’m a “perfect size”. Not THE perfect size, mind, just a “perfect size” - my hip/waist/chest ratio is the same as the size model used by most manufacturers so stuff straight off the rack fits (or straight off the computer:) )

Anyhoo - I’m currently waiting for a Custo Barcelona shirt I ordered from e-bay to arrive. :slight_smile:

I buy 95% of my clothes on ebay. shrug

My entire outfit was purchased on line. I hate shopping most of the time, and it just simplifies things for me. I find a few places that carry my size (2, but not petite – kinda hard to find) and I stick with 'em.

BlueFly is kinda fun, but I’m a big fan of Victoria’s Secret.

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate shopping, but I’m very hard to fit, so it’s virtually impossible to buy stuff online unless I’m buying a t-shirt or something. Oh well.

I hate shopping for clothes. But because of the inconsistency of women’s clothing sizes, I HAVE to try on a lot of things to make sure they fit. (I can’t be having with returning stuff. I hate the hassle.)

If I ever hit a style/size that I knew fit me for sure, I’d order it online in a heartbeat.

I know someone who makes a moderate living selling women’s clothing on ebay. She says a lot of larger-sized women are embarrassed to shop in public for their own clothes so that’s the market she caters to.

She actually buys her clothing at deep discounters like Ross & Marshalls (at retail), and adds a markup to her listing price. Do it in volume and and include some profit in shipping charges -and apparently you can make an adequate income. What doesn’t sell within a month, you take back to the store for a refund. Some items like larger-size prom dresses are a huge profit item for her (timed appropriately). TMI?

I’ll buy from LL Bean, Lands End, pretty anyone I would buy through via catalog.

What she said.

I seem to lack the shopping gene, also. I buy online, love it.

I’m not sure it counts though, even when I’m shopping in a brick and mortar, I look at the size tags and just grab.

I missed the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale this year, but they had plenty of stuff online that was still on sale, so I gave it a whirl…

And hated all three bras I ordered. I still have 'em, because I’m a lazy slob who can’t be bothered returning them–even if I could, since they were clearance items–but I have yet to wear one of them, in the four months I’ve had them.

So no, I don’t shop online for clothes. Not sob anymore!

I shop online a lot- I tend to wear the same brands / designers, and I know which sizes will fit. I’ve had to return things a couple of times, but the convenience of being able to buy quality stuff online is worth it. I much prefer the “shopping experince”, but I live in a college town and it’s difficult to find quality “grown-up” clothes that aren’t geared toward 18-yr olds. When I can, I love to go shopping in Atlanta.

 I have taken the unprecedented (for me) step of doing online Xmas shopping this year, because I had back surgery a couple of weeks ago and I can't go anywhere for another few weeks.  I am amazed at how much I miss Xmas shopping- as much as I bitch about the crowds, the stores, etc, I do miss the experience.  I'll have to be sure not to get hurt around the holidays next year!

No! I need to feel, touch, try on, and in some cases smell. Some fabrics (like raw silk) have a distinctive scent and if it’s too strong, I can’t wear it.

At any rate, I’m not buying any new clothes until this last 30 lbs is gone, so I’ve been at thrifts for awhile.

No. I’m like Ginger in the need to have the tactile experience of the clothing. Textures are particularly important to me. Well, and that whole size thing, of course.

I hate going to a mall, because I have trouble walking. So I avoid them like the plague! I can only find my bra size through specialty shops or EBay - and since I can’t afford to spend $90 for a bra, I love EBay!

And I’ve made friends with several of the sellers.

Everything I am wearing, except my socks, was bought online.