By popular demand:

Manservant Hecubus has been retired to that hall of long-suffering usernames, right next to Portnoy.

I’m back, kids :slight_smile:

I love you, Mr. Cynical.

Strips my gears, pal.

So that whole Manservant Hecubus crap was all a bad dream? Like that season of “Dallas”?

< techchick does a double flip with a happy dance and hands Cynical a beer >

Yipee, our MrCynical is back!!!


< done now >

Woo! Now I can go back to calling you Skinny. Or even HNB. :slight_smile:

Yeah! the name… suits you.

Now will you dance naked for me? :smiley:

I really have nothing to say. But I’m trying to post here before it gets to 50. Which, at this rate, will be in about 40 more seconds.

Yay for Cynnie!

[sub]I don’t know why I’m so excited . . . [/sub]

So do you now owe Tuba or Lynn a lung or something?

I’m afraid I owe Tuba something. It’s the kind of thing that only grownups can talk about though, so you’ll just have to look within yourself for an answer.

You owe Tuba punha’s heart?

I’ve got a platter.

WB cyni…missed you, there was someone here pretending to be you…glad to see you are back :smiley:

Yes, Odie, and I am far more bitter than ever, thank you :slight_smile:

i just noticed something interesting; the name of a thread’s creator is locked in; it’s not associated to whatever the OP’s name is.

look at “Manservant Hecubus”'s “for the love of meat”. i wonder if that’s an inefficiency in VB programming, or if there’s a reason behind it.

oh, and hello again, Mr. Cynical. though, i liked Manservant Hecubus better, it gave me dirty thoughts…

Give me a month. :smiley:

Add another Hot Damn! to the list of hurrahs.

Now tell me, just how would you like me to personally thank you? :wink:

Right On!
You were always Mr. Cynical to me anyway Portnoy. :wink:

I did it all for you, Psy :stuck_out_tongue:

The campaign worked!!!

I’ve got my Cyni back!!! :smiley:

You definitely have a place to stay with me now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(and thank you, Tuba!)


[sub]On cynical.[/sub]