C. M. Burns????

Well after years of enjoying the Simpsons, a question just presented itself to me. We know that its Montgomery Burms, but what is his first name? All his nameplates and monograms say C.M. Burns? Whats the “C.”?


That was no fun.

What’s the Comic Shop Guy’s name? Why, it’s ‘Comic Shop Guy’. Equally disappointing.

I thought Mr. Burns first name was “I don’t know”- at least that’s what Homer thought it was :slight_smile:

Charles Montgomery Burns. Presumedly it’s a Citizen Kane reference.

And the beloved older brother of comedian George Burns.
What IS the name of the proprietor of “The Android’s Dungeon”? Love that guy. (Heck, sometimes I AM that guy.)

Precisely a Citizen Kane reference. The first name was revealed just before Burns tore up the Simpson’s living room, a paroddy of Orson Welles doing the same to Susan Alexander Kane’s bedroom.


"Simpson, eh? I’ll remember that name … "

To his friends he’s Montey to YOU he’s Mr. Burns.