C.S.I. - enough with the gory stuff

I like CSI. I’ve seen almost all episodes. I like to watch shows like ‘Forensic Detectives’ on Discovery. And I fondly remember Quincy, MD.

We’re about seven episodes behind the US, here in Sweden, and tonight was an episode aptly called ‘Blood Lust’. A cab driver runs over a guy that bursts open and spills his guts on the road.


There. Calmer now. No, this is not a pit rant, but seriously - what are the producers thinking? They push the envelope a little, with every episode, every season, to see how far thay can carry it? I liked CSI precisely becuase it’s a fairly smart TV show, where brains solve the crimes, not brute force. But in the rating game, against a real war, reality shows, jack-ass, Fear Factor and what have you, I guess the studio execs think that a little more blood and guts, will send the violence craving audience to the remotes for ever more blood, like a mob. Well not me. I’m giving it one more week, and if this keeps up, I’m finding something better to do with my time, Mondays @9. There is prolly something good on Discovery.

I like the gore–I think it adds realism to the show. I’m not a fan of gory horror movies (in fact, I avoid them) but CSI doesn’t bother me. The only one that made me mildly queasy was the one featuring the guy who’d basically liquefied. When they poured him out of the body bag onto the autopsy table, I had to look away.

Vomiting, on the other hand–uh-uh. It’s bothering me a lot that they seem to think nowadays that showing somebody heaving their guts out is a fun thing to watch. So I definitely sympathize, Gaspode–just in a different area.

I didn’t see that one, what happned to that guy? Oh, and where’s that puking smiley?

Spoiler for the entire episode

The guy was a hobo that was killed by a bouncer outside a restaraunt, stuffed into a leather carryall then found in the desert a few months later

I loved that episode; Sarah opened the bag and everything shoshes out, leaving the skeleton in the bag.

Oh, and I’ve got to remember that lemons gets rid of the ‘death’ smell :stuck_out_tongue:

The ickky thing for me is the nice squishy/bubbly sound effects that go with the shots.

Tonight’s CSI Miami had an interesting scene. A bullet enters the guys mouth, smashes his teeth and splits his tongue. Interesting but added zero to the story.

That was icky ::insert yuck smiley::. No more supper during CSI.

I don’t care about the gore (truth be told, super-slow-mo shots of bullets slicing ‘n’ dicing major organs is kind of entertaining) but what bugs me about CSI is the relentless number of red herrings they throw in.

“Well, the victim was killed when a high-speed rotary drill bit was launched into his chest, shredding his left lung [slow-mo splatter recreation]. The drill bit type is unusual, only one person in a million owns a drill like this.”
“Great! The cops found a guy who hated the victim, was seen arguing with him five minutes before the murder, had been sleeping with the vic’s wife, had a large insurance policy on the vic, and he owns a drill of that type.”
“It’s not him, though. He has an alibi.”
The whole show is like this, up until the last five minutes. They introduce suspects and evidence at a blinding pace and the guilty one is pretty much whoever’s still standing at the end of the hour.

Get rid of the gore? No, we need more. It’s what sets CSI away from the pack. That’s the only reason I can overlook the shortcomings of the show. Gore = Good (and that’s the only time you’ll hear that from this GWB voter).

We always manage to be eating a late supper during CSI. When will we learn?

I have a very high gross out threshold. So most of it I find interesting rather than icky. Only one time did I ever get grossed out – CSI Miami:[spoiler] Victim died with something clutched in hand. Due to extreme rigor mortis, the only way to make him let go was to microwave his hand. Even the blond, gun-loving CSI girl kinda flipped out and said “Wait, wait, wait! Ack!” at the idea. (The microwaving worked though, the rigor of the muscles relaxed and they got their precious clue).

It was the steam when they opened the microwave door that finally got me. Urk![/spoiler]

BTW, the opening sequence with a car crashing through a restaurant window was one of the best and most well-done sequences I’ve seen in ages.

IIRC Sarah also got sick while doing the examination; I certainly didn’t hold it against her. Liquified human ain’t my bag, baby.

The Gaspode, I also thought the episode you’re talking about was pretty graphic, and sort of extreme for the season, but ER bugs me more with all the vomiting. I can count on seeing someone puke at least once an episode there.

Maybe this belongs in GQ, but remember the boxing episode where Sarah had to retrieve the spit bucket, and commented on how smiling supresses the gag reflex? How does that work?

I never heard about that, but maybe it’s something just for her [character]. If you decide to head over to GQ, let me know what you find out.

[hijacking my own thread]
While searching for an episode guide for C.S.I. I come on some shipper sites, Grissom and Sarah, to be specific. What’s up with shippers, are there fans doing this for every damn show?

To answer your first (implied) question, CBS itself has a fairly good site for the show. Click on the “Cases” link for an episode guide.

To answer your second; yes, there are shipper sites for just about every show. (Remember, “fan” is short for “fanatic”) I’ve seen the Grissom/Sara 'ships and a Greg/Sarah one too, not to mention Sara/Catherine and Nick/Warrick slashes.

Personally, I’m surprised I haven’t seen a CSI/X-Files crossover fanfic yet (what with Area 51 being right up the road from Las Vegas and all…).

Hear, hear!! I am interested in the stories and the science (what isn’t mocked up for TV [although that can be interesting, too, for different reasons]), I don’t need to see the bodies.

It was the eyeball that got me. The one the raven was carrying around. Factual, sure. Necessary? I just don’t see why. (no pun intended! :)) And it’s shown during prime time. All right, most kids too young to see this are in bed by 9:00p, but it would have given me nightmares even into my teens. (All right, I know it; I’m a big wimp! :p)

The question is asked and hopefully in the process of being answered.

continuing the Shipper hijack:

So shipper is short for…worshipper?

Relationship, actually.

No, it’s from Relationship. A “shipper” is someone who is interested in/obsessed with the relationship between two characters. (And, any episode or scene involving said relationship is “shippy”)

I first came across the term being used by X-Files fans to discuss Mulder and Scully but suspect it may have been around longer.

Coming from someone that has a spouse who is into Forensics, I have no problem with the spots. I mean it is part of the job, a central part, and it is part of the human condition to feel a bit quesy seeing death in such graphic detail but after a while, you can pretty much take it.

Oh sure there are some times where you get the hot flush (and I shall not elaborate on these…Mrs Bitties has hit me with a few photos that would make you want a cold shower) but in general, the ick part is why you are doing the job.

CSI from a professionals standpoint, in case you are wondering, “its good, educational to a degree, but they do take some liberties”

Also she has a mad on crush on Grissom