Caesin is not dairy free, you fuckers!

Yeah, I’m tired of this bullshit. If something has casein in it, the MAIN FUCKING PROTEIN of milk, it is not in any way, shape, or form dairy free. It is not milk free. It’s not even non-dairy. It fucking contains fucking milk.

My mom went to buy me food for my birthday, and was doing what she could. The guy in the store told her that there was no milk in the shredded cheese she was getting. She tells me it’s dairy free, so I try some and like it. Then as I’m eating, I wonder how it tastes so good and check the ingredients. Fucking casein is near the fucking top, right after the rice.

Yeah, it’s fucking lactose free. You know what else is lactose free? Quite a few types of cheese which are much less expensive than this shit! If lactose free was what I wanted, there’s no way I would by fucking rice cheese to get it!

She also recently found out that, even though they send out a set of coupons with a lot of foods on it, they don’t necessarily actually carry those foods. The whole reason she got the cheese was because the promised dairy-free gulten -free pizza was not available

It’s bad enough that I sleep all day because I can’t get nutrients through my stupid Celiaced colon, but when I do finally get food I should be able to eat, I can’t!

Ugh! I hate living in such a podunk town where they are the only place you can get food if you have allergies. So they’re still going to get my business because there’s literally no other choice if you have the dietary needs I do! These cunts know I can’t stop shopping there, so they are just going to fuck me over.


Great, Godwinned in one :slight_smile:

Or, perhaps, you could put on your big boy pants, buy your own goddamned food instead of mooching off mommy. Or, at bareass minimum, check your own fucking labels instead of relying on mommy and the store clerks to read them for you.

You fucking douchebag. Let your testicles drop and try to be a grown up instead of being such a whiney, spoiled twat


start making your own stuff from scratch maybe - when I was vegan I used to make my own soy milk and tofu from beans because my tiny little town would stock neither. Oh and if you are sending someone to get stuff for you make sure they know what to look for on the label.


Casein =/= milk.

Unless milk was also on the ingredients list, the guy in the store was correct. Are you mad at the guy in the store or your mom?

Godamn it! Beaten to it.

Godamn it! Beaten to it… again. :wink:

Well said.

Shut up, BigTard

You won the thread so fast I didn’t even have time to finish making this congratulatory DAIRY FILLED cheese for the winner :frowning:

Happy Birthday, BigT. I’m sorry that your gift didn’t totally work out but I hope that you had a good celebration otherwise.

BigT - just keep reading post #3 until it sinks in.

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Missing U.

Wandering U.

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U have a problem!

Fucking classic Jamie.

That really never gets old. I expect it and I think maybe this is the time… but, nope.

I always imagine the post that mighta been there. Some are pretty good, a few are way over the top.

**Caesin is not dairy free, you fuckers!
Whenever anyone pisses me off, this will be my go-to scream.

Sorry that Caesin was in your food but… I Guess you and I wouldn’t have much fun in bed if you can’t enjoy milk ^_-

People are generally more aware of potential allergens these days than previously. Somebody working in a place that sells food would be expected to be yet more clued in. Telling a customer that something is milk-free when it is not is inexcusable. (To the nitpickers: the shopkeeper should know that “milk-free” means that the item contains no milk, yoghurt, butter, cream, casein, milk protein, skimmed milk powder, lactose, ghee, etc.) Yes, it’s the ultimate responsibility of the person consuming the item to ensure it is in fact safe to consume. But it is bloody annoying to be told something is safe when, in fact, it is not. It would be much better for the salesperson to say they’re not sure.

So yeah, I’m on board with the OP.