Caffeine = smoky-smelling urine?

I’ve noticed that when I drink coffee, my urine tends to smell “smoky”. Has anyone else noticed this, or do I have some dread disease? What causes this phenomenon?

Yes, I have noticed this as well. I do not know the root cause of the odor other than, obviously, something in the coffee.

I notice the same thing, and I just assumed that it was the coffee that I was smelling. I never notice the smell after drinking other caffeine containing products such as Red Bull or Vault soda.

When I drink strong coffee, my urine smells like popcorn. I think the coffee combines with one or more of my prescription meds.

I agree, it’s something specific to coffee. I drink strong tea every day, but notice that smoky odor only after coffee, which I usually drink only on weekends.

I was actually thinking of asking the very same question.

you people are all messed up :wink:

seriously though, I notice no such smell after either coffee (which I drink on mornings when I have trouble facing the world) or tea (which I drink rather constantly).

Some possible answers.