Caffeinne Antidote

Sometimes the coffee I buy is too strong and I cannot write, type or sit still. Is there some antidote to the caffeine or something that will counter its effect?

The lack of sleep is something I don’t enjoy either.

Hot milk used to help me sleep after too much caffeine. Dunno about the shakes, etc.

Thanks Ross

Someone once mentioned Orange juice. To do with the acidity I think?

WAGs all welcome.

Orange Juice? Lotsa sugar in that. Not that it will help you be productive, but perhaps some hooch? I generally have a drink before bed, and though I am a coffee addict (12 ‘cups’ [3 NRA mugs] per day, usually), I fall right asleep. Alcohol=Depressant, no?

Hey, have a beer or a bit of bourbon. It calms me down. Or you could, you know, not drink so much coffee!

You want the caffeine but sometimes the quantity varies in the coffee you buy? If you want a consistent dose, I’d suggest switching to decaf and using an over-the-coounter caffeine pill (No-Doz, Vivarin, etc) to supply the desired amount.