Caillou? What the hell is a "Caillou?"

If you have a little one running around then you may have seen the cartoon “Caillou,” pronouned “Ki-ooo.” Its about a little, round-headed boy named Caillou, his sister Rosie, and his parents. Its pretty lame, as far as kid’s shows go. My question is - What kind of names is “Caillou?” I’ve never come across it before.

Caillou is actually French for “small rock”, or “pebble.”

I believe the character of Caillou is a francophone (canadian) creation. It was later adapted for television in the cartoon format kids know and love.

Elly (whose mother tongue is French)

In France the Rolling Stones are called ]Les Cailloux Roulants. Or just Les Cailloux for short.

In Malay, kayu means ‘wood’ or ‘tree’.

Caillou was originally a French-Canadian show.

My husband hates the show…“and what’s with the bald head? Does he have cancer?” He’s more of a Clifford fan, what with John Ritter being The Big Red Dog himself.

Personally, I love the show, if only because ToddlerNym goes into what I’ve dubbed “The Caillou Trance” and it gives me an uninterrupted half hour to cruise the SDMB.

The Caillou trance is well known and documented, its toddler weed.

I hate that little bald freak, I despise the whiny tone ofhis voice, I am disgusted my his namby pamby parents!

Cailou: WHAAAAAAA I am scared of the baig bad mean scary puppy! WHAAAAAAA!

Parents: Well, son, I will take the day off work and draw pictures with you, then everythig will be all right.

MY response: You fucking SPAZ!!! its a PUPPY!!! dont be so stupid ya little goof! <slap>

I hate that kid.

And actor Alan Caillou has been an alien-at-large on one of the Star Trek series.

[sub][sup]I like Caillou. A lot. I know the words to the song.[/sup][/sub]

I’m just a kid whose four
each day I grow some more
I like exploring
I’m cailoux

Growing up is not so tough
'cept when I’ve had enough
Thers lotsa fun stuff I’m Cailloux

Excuse me while I go boil my brain

I figured that there was a French connection.

You and I are thinking alike on this one kellibelli - luckily Lilly isn’t too enamored of the show. She does, however, call Charlie Brown “Caillou” when she sees the comics. Sorry about that, Sparky Schultz.

Blue’s Clues is a big hit at our house, as is the old standby Sesame Street. I can actually watch Sesame Street and be entertained - there was a little segment on recently about where thoughts and dreams come from (“In Your Head”) that had a song by Nina Simone that was terrific. After the Queen went to sleep I caught a mini-buzz and watched it again - even better the second time around. I also know all the words to the “Martian Girlfriend Song,” (she’s got 9 of everything).

Thanks for the information. Or should I say, merci’?