CajunMan, an apology. Flamsterette_X, I wish I could say the same.

First off, CajunMan. I admit I did wrong. In this thread, I admitted to stating my birthday was on several different dates in the various birthday threads. If I did wrong, which you say I did, I admit I did it, and I humbly apologize. I also flamed Flamsterette_X in the same thread. I apologize for that as well, and I should have taken it to the Pit. Now I am.

Now then, Flamsterette_X, may I ask what is wrong with you. In the same thread, you severely overreacted. With responses like


and let’s not forget:

A better suggestion for you would be to stop posting here, and go back to the murky depths which belched up your sorry ass. However, since you won’t take it, here’s another request for you, similar to the one I made before:



You’re pitting her because you lied and she called you on it?

That BITCH!!!

It was her thread, and you acted like a fuckdisk and proven to be a pathological liar…

And her first retort to you was mild - you felt like you did not need to apologize and you flew off the handle. In fact, you were the one to use “inappropriate” language.

Now go open your presents, shitcake.

Actually I’m pitting her because I think she overreacted. If she just said something like “airdisc, I know you posted your birthday in a bunch of different threads.” and left it at that, this thread wouldn’t be here.

Wow, mske, feeling strongly aren’t you. A “pathological liar”. Yeah, because of a little joke. Perhaps you should take my advice as well.

Now, may I ask, what the fuck is wrong with you? What kind of pathethic simpleton are you to lie about your birthday on a freakin’ message board? We ain’t gonna send you extra cards and cakes so what’s the point?

You’re calling the wrong person a moron.


You didn’t find my post funny? Are you humour impared or something? Here’s a valium…

Whoa whoa whoa. You are WAY out of line airdisc. This little stunt of yours has cost us untold numbers of “happy birthday” wishes that were sent your way undeservedly because of your dishonesty! You have taken something as sacred as the monthly happy birthday thread and made a mockery of it!

I may never be able to trust anyone ever again.

airdisc, you’re an ass. What kind of joke is it if you’re the only one who “gets” it? “I know, I’ll keep posting how it’s my birthday, I’m so funny.” How old are you, anyway? Oh, don’t answer that; no one will believe you anyway. Your joke was lame. You got called on it. You should have dropped it. If she would have started a pit thread about you, that may have been over reacting. But you’re the one who’s over-reacting here.

Well let the reverse pile on (RPO) begin!

Who the fuck gets their giggles by lying about their birthday?

After all due consideration, I agree with friedo.

porc and World Eater, I kinda find it very funny. And it could have been, had Flamsterette not overreacted.

Regardless, her overreaction was dwarfed in comparison to airdisc’s ridiculous response in that thread, and ruined any chance of anyone else taking it as lighthearted as he had probably initially intended. Way to blow it, man.

That’s basically what she did in her first post. It seems like you were the one who couldn’t let it go.

spooje got it right.

Flamsterette enjoys doing the birthday gig. It’s harmless, and no one is forced at all to participate. She gets some degree of pleasure out of it, harms no one, and you took it upon yourself to fuck w/her over it? then got riled 'cause she wasn’t amused or pleased that you fucked w/her over it?

You’re coming off as mean spirited and petty here (IMHO).

and since I don’t generally participate in the b’day threads (unless I know the person pretty well, so it’s almost never here), or post count parties, I’ve got no personal stake in it at all.

People, people. The birthday thing should be water under the bridge. I apologized for it. It’s over. I’m just annoyed about Flamsterette’s overreaction.

Some of you really need to lighten up.

… and if she did just overreact, the response to that should have been in the other thread. “Hey, you overreacted” ought to about cover it.

I wouldn’t quite call it giggles - I prefer to just let my b’day pass unnoticed - but I tell people my birthday is June 31st.

I did get giggles on year when working with a young girl whose elevator didn’t always reach the top floor. Some friends at the place knew my birthday (but weren’t present that day) while I kept insisting it was June 31.

June 30: Her: “So today’s your birthday. Happy Birthday.”
Me: “Thank you, but it’s June 31, tomorrow.”
Her: “Oh, okay”
July 1: Her: “Happy Birthday!”
Me: “That was yesterday. Today’s July 1.”
Her: “Darn it, I missed it.” :smack:
(later I was smacked in the head when someone clued her in)

Now, before I become the Grinch’s older brother (well, actually, I am, but that’s beside the point), understand that, in part, her well wishings were prompted by my desire of birthday anonimity and no fanfare. Also, she was a perpetually cheery git and I was a cranky sarcastic young fart, and there was constant competition to see which side would gain workplace dominance.

actually, as far as I can see, You didn’t appologize (to her anyhow) for it . she asked you to explain the multiple listings and you responded

which didn’t include an appology to her. She then posted what you cited in your OP, letting you know she didn’t appreciate your attempt and you told her to grow up and get a sense of humor.

probably at that point, had you just said “I was joking, sorry you didn’t find it amusing”, it would have ended.

but, for you to, essentially, bitch some one out 'cause they didn’t find your joke amusing is an overreaction. then she reacted to you and so on.

this thread is about the biggest overreaction to date on the subject (MHO)

Ah sweet irony.