I had some calamari last night that was a little strange. Instead of the regular shape, they looked like onion rings. Inside the batter the squid looked like fat round noodles. These rings were two inches or more in diameter.

What’s the deal? Did they use the bits of squid that were left over from making recular calamari rings and make a paste out of them, extruding them into noodles that were formed into rings?

What does other calamari look like? I have never seen any that didn’t look like onion rings.

It could have been a larger variety of squid. What shape are you used to? Most calimari I’ve had is shaped like a ring, like in this picture. The squid meat itself is a bit noodle-like in appearance, which is more noticable if you don’t batter and fry them.

When I fix it myself I use the smaller squid and cut the body tubes about 1/2" wide. I’d imagine that if you cut the tube in 1/4" or smaller widths it could assume more of a noodle shape. That is not obvious flat. I’ve never bought tubes that large myself.

Bigger squid give bigger rings.
There’s some sort of anomaly in the squid population this year.

I’m used to small thick rings about an inch in diameter and maybe three-quarters of an inch wide. With little octopi thrown in. (They’re so cute!) Smaller than the ones in XJETGIRLX’s link.

I’m betting that they aren’t octopi, but the squid’s tentacles.

What? The cute little ones? They have a bulbous head and eight tentacles.

Interesting. (I personally love pollock when I eat fish at all.)

Anomalous squid? Hmmmm…cthulamari?

The best calamari I ever had was in Budapest. It was unfried and un-ringed.