Californians: Vote on the design of the new Quarter!!

You can now vote online for the design of the new California quarter - place your votes today!! The page takes a little while to load the images.

I placed this in IMHO b/c I was also wondering what you all thought the best design was. I like Half Dome and the Bear in #3, but I’d also like to see the Golden Gate Bridge in there somewhere like #4, but I don’t want the bridge to dominate like on several of them. #14 has the bridge and a movie projector guy, but it’s otherwise kinda…bland.

Oh, and I don’t know what the hell the guy that came up with #11 was thinking - it looks like a token from Marine World. Or maybe he’s trying to tell us that we’re all doomed to fall into the ocean. :smack: #12 is also rather…strange…

After looking at all the large sizes, I like #11! I love the Golden Gate bridge, but it’s S.F. – not the rest of the state. Quite a few are so busy. #12 is a bit different. Well, I’m picking #11.

2 & 13 seem most popular. After I voted, I saw the percentages. Thanks for the link!

GAH!!! You liked number 11?? #11 does not look like real money to me - it looks like a video arcade token!! Now I feel like I shouldn’t have shown you the link. Only kidding. :slight_smile:

I live in SF, so I don’t mind the GGB on there, but I agree that’s not the whole state. I wound up voting for #3.

Thanks for the link. I like #11 too. I think it looks the best for a coin.

#3 is very nice, but not southern Cal! I doubt if my “token” will get selected. It’s fun seeing the prototypes. :cool:

I voted for #4. I like the bridge and Lady Liberty. Plus, California was made a state in 1850, and #4 has sort of a mid-1800s “look” to it. I could probably live with #13, but the starburst effect for the nugget is exceedingly lame.

I wasn’t particularly fond of any of them, so I picked #1 (John Muir & Yosemite Valley) which was at least a good picture of a singular feature.

#14 looks the most like what other state quarters look like so far, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it won.

#2 looks like a Las Vegas or Disney version of California, with palm trees the height of the Golden Gate Bridge which is running straight into the Hollywood hills.

Except for the poppies, #19 looks like a San Francisco tourism brochure – and is that the city behind the bridge or not? It almost looks more like the view from the Bay Bridge.

While I didn’t vote for it because it seemed a little too boastful, if they actually made the growth rings on the quarter in #17 that’d be really cool.

Hrmm… many of these look either too ‘realistic’ or too toony. #6 has a somewhat unique idea, but the events they choose to depict in the frames are rather asinine. #11 is quite nice and subtle, save for the italicised Times New Roman-looking font.

#5 is quite hideous.

#17 looks like a brochure for some cheesy tourist trap… strangely appropos, some may argue.

#16 is just stupid.

Gods do I dislike all those images alluding to the fucking gold rush.
Slim pickin’s, here, so I’m going with #11. Even moreso if a different font is used.

#11 looks kind of creepy to me for some reason, I have no idea why. I also highly dislike #12.

I don’t live in California so I probably shouldn’t even vote but I think it would be cool to see how many votes each coin had so you could vote for one that actually had a chance of winning.

FWIW I think the final design should at least have some reference to film on it. That’s what all my friends from other countries and most of my domestic friends that have never been there think of when they think of California.

I wish NC would’ve done this.

No Lady liberty, on the beach, in a bikini, wearing sunglasses?

No Lady Liberty, in Marilyn’s white dress, over a heating grill?
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

As a film archivist and a Bay Area resident, I felt obliged to vote for #6 even though it was almost the least popular (though we did beat that weakass cornucopia one).

I surf so I like 11. Maybe they can do the coin in red to match the state’s budget.

#11 is just…too cartoonish, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with the state. That coin could be appointed to any state along the beach.

#12 is creepy

#14 goes well with the state quarters already released

#8 is weird. The guy is panning for filmstrips. And there’s a jet flying overhead.

I rather like #18, I don’t know why.
I don’t plan on voting since I’m not from California. I can’t wait to see what the Kansas quarter is going to look like. Marvel at the wheat swaying in the wind! Stare in awe at the flat grassy plain!

I think the Bay Area should be represented by a leather slave.

I voted for #2. Strikes a nice balance between Northern and Southern California. And that’s important, since I don’t think I want to hear the bitching from either side if they don’t think they are fairly represented.

The runner up has to be #3. If you can’t strike the North/South balance, may as well tell both San Fran and LA to go away and focus on the most beautiful place in the US, along with our state mascot.

#11 looks like a logo that should be on UCSB intermural sports department letterhead. Ech.
I voted for the sequoia tree.

Why would you want all the attention?

No design in commemoration of ME?!?!?!? Da bastards!!
That’s why i’m getting the Illinois/Missouri quarters!

What’s the deal with #10? If you look at the large version, there’s all sorts of weird stuff. The state outline has a ink blot in it or something.

  1. It’s simple, and it could be created on a coin. Most of the others are too complicated.

I also liked the idea of using the redwood (number 17) but I wasn’t crazy about the design.