Calling all bad punsters, and the ghoulish-minded

… and you know who you are.

i guess this is as close to a poll as anything, so this seemed like the right place for my request.
it’s that time of year again o happiness sublime

i’m in high-gear planning mode for the annual Halloween extravaganza. for several years i’ve been loaning out the use of my extensive collection of scary props (and minimal expertise) to various groups that put on Haunted Trails and the like as a holiday scare event. this year, to my joy, the Park Authority is trying to obtain use of the county Fairgrounds… which means gasp SHELTER FROM THE ELEMENTS!! annnnddddTONS OF ELECTRICAL ACCESS!!!

pardon me, i need a moment to recover from my swoon of bliss.

there, that’s better.
anyway, the only reason anyone here is likely to care about any of this is because i need that far-out creative spirit that is soooo abundant among all you members. each barn has a “theme” for the setup; one of them happens to be The Ghoul’s Restaurant. we’re planning to have separate kitchen and dining areas that customers will pass through. what i need is additional inspiration for menu items that could be displayed. so far i’ve got:

Daily Specials:
Chuck roast
Chuck steak
Ground Chuck
Steak Diane
Hungarian goulash (“Made with real Hungarians”)
Fettucini Alfred O.
Crepes Suzette

Regular Features:
Chef’s salad (sign nearby: “Wanted: New chef”)
Virginia hand sandwich
Barbequed ribs
“Person”-alized pizza

so, for anyone whose mind runs in similar frightening channels – any other suggestions for menu items?

Hushed puppies
Blue-eyed peas
Orange navels
Patty cakes
Jack’s flaps
Hot dogs
Chilly dogs
Baby back ribs
Adam’s apple pie
Pecan Sandy

It’s finger-lickin’ good, folks!

Lady Fingers (of course).

Shepherd’s Pie
Welsh Rarebit

Duh, Girl Scout Cookies.

Open-faced sandwiches.
Liver o’youngins … er, and onions.

Lady Fingers
Spotted Dick (must… not… snicker…)
Deader and Onions
Potatoes au Rotten
Tommy’s Toes Soup
Brandy Pudding
Clem Chowder
Chocolate-and-mint milkshakes as Soylent Green

(Will you offer a seven-corpse meal?)


this is great! everyone’s provided at least one “keeper” so far.

keep 'em coming, o fellow sickies. :slight_smile:

The Chicken that Didn’t Cross the Road (Served singly…or in a stack!)

head cheese (which is horrifying enough as it is)
Death by Chocolate
Tombstone pizza
blood oranges
Canadian bakin’ (or Canadian bacon…long-pig style)
mixed nuts
plump-kin pie

Hunters Stew.

Roast Beast. (roast beef).

Chicken A’la King.

For Asian food, General Tso Chicken (needs work).

Moo Goo Guy in a Pan
Quiche Lorraine

spaghetti and eyeballs
Blood sausage
Cals own (I know it’s a stretch)
Mom’s hearty stew
Kid-knee pie
Whipped and beaten potatoes

Originally posted by TPWombat

Watch it bud…

Will you be displaying any actual food, or just menu boards?

If sexually explicit material is permitted…

…tarts. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh! ooh!

Baby-Back Ribs!

peri, we’ll have props in the kitchen like they’re doing meal prep – head on a hook, skinned head, arms, legs, feet, brain, heart (and if it arrives in time, big red chunks of fake “meat”) [evil smiley] also giant-size cooking pot, cauldrons, animated chicken on a grill (yeah, it’s cheesy but funny). i’m planning on somebody making a “hand” sandwich (using animated hand between real bread) as audience goes through. much fake blood splashed artistically around kitchen.

by the way, anybody know the correct spelling for the French phrase meaning “fixed price” meal? that “seven-corpse meal” comment gave me another inspiration…

you all are doing great! i’m well on the way to a full 2-page menu. could use some more appetizer-type suggestions, or maybe a seafood entree or two

Cat Head Biscuits (actually a real kind of biscuit in the south)

… plus gruesome fake pizzas, “blood” poured from a glass carafe, “finger” food trays…
and Bosda? keep trying. :wink: your first entrees (grin) were winners, but…

I believe the correct spelling is “prix fixe”.