calling all Baretta fans

OK, with this whole Robert Blake wife thing in the news, I’ve been hearing a lot about Baretta lately.
Is it true that in the first episode of Baretta, titles “He’ll Never See Daylight Again”, Tony Baretta’s wife/girlfriend is found shot in a car outside of a restaurant?
I looked on Google and could not find a plot synopsis.
Can anyone help me?

Try these:

The first is a Newsweek interview that discusses the plot of the episode you mention, and the second is a link to the only site I could find that talks much about the TV show. It appears that “He’ll Never See Daylight Again” was, in fact, the first episode and did deal with the murder of Tony Baretta’s amour.

thanks for that Bone.

Now, if this really were an episode of Baretta, we’d find out in the last act that Carl Hose did it.