The Sopranos - 1st 3 episodes

I have only seen the first three episodes of the Sopranos because I’m living in France and the series only came to the video store recently. Anyway, in the first three episodes they torch the restaurant where Junior and all the mafia guys hang out. Why did they do that, exactly?

I’d do a search, but I don’t want to read ahead about anything that would tip me off to the plot, so please don’t reveal anything past the first three episodes if you can help it.



I think Junior et al had planned to do a hit in the restaruant, which in Tony Soprano’s opinion would be bad for business. The restaurant is run by a childhood friend of his, who is NOT in the family.

Tony decides that torching the place, and making it look like an accident, so his friend will get the insurance, is the best option.

It’s a really good show.

Thanks irish_bill! That makes sense - that Junior guy seems to be a real loose wire! I also thought it was cool how the mother mowed down her blue-haired friend with her car - even the old mafia women are doing hits nowadays (even if it is by accident)!