Calling all cops, Vol. 2: Loud neighbors

The background: I’ve got some neighbors a couple of doors down who like to throw very loud parties every 6 weeks or so. They turn up the music so loud that it makes the shutters and windows vibrate here. I (or another neighbor) call the police; they come out; things settle down. Last night, I called twice because they started it up again a couple of hours after the initial cop-visit.

 Question:  Considering that we've called repeatedly over the past year or so about the problem, wouldn't these neighbors be getting fined after a while?  Or do they just get lots of warnings?

There doesn’t seem to be many cops around here so I guess its just me. This tends to be a very local issue. In most places it is covered by local ordinances rather than state law. No way for me to know what the law is there. Generally if I have to come out twice in one night they get ticketed. I would depend on what I actually heard as opposed to what the call was. At all times the complainant has the right to sign a complaint for themselves with the court clerk.

How often do you discover more serious offenses when you go out on a loud party call? :wink: I’d expect you to find drunk folks staggering out to cars, the aroma of weed wafting from the door, couples in flagrante delicto in parked cars, and the odd jerk who wants to fight you. Anything else?