Calling all Edmonton area dopers

I think it’s time for another Edmonton Dopefest. I was talking to Smug and Canadian Sue, and we thought that a day of indoor fun at West Ed would be great. Laser Tag, waterslides, whatever. Also, Smug is looking for someone to join him in the first skydiving dopefest. Sue and I will be cheering him on from the ground.

So, anyone up for it? Can we start arranging a day that would be good for everyone?

Smugly, I’ve been telling you for a few years now that I’m not skydiving. I’ll watch and drink, but never will you get me to jump out of a plane with you.

Sounds like a great time to me lola!

I may be game for skydiving if you folks will have me :slight_smile:

Depends when though, as I don’t get to Edmonton terribly often. I always wanted to give it a shot though!

Heck I could probably be persuaded to make an appearance if it fits in my schedule.

Well, I’m in Calgary. Can I come? I’d wouldn’t mind meeting some of y’all.

I am travelling accross country to be in Alberta from Feb 21 to Mar 3. :slight_smile:
If it’s during my time out there… I’ll do what I can to be there!

Keith, you CAN fit it into your schedule!!! LOL

HEY! Count me in!! I may just pass on the waterslides though… but anything else I am game for! And, smug, I think I should have fun jumping you!! WITH you, jumping WITH you… tsk

Mondays and Fridays are not good for me.

Well, I think we can narrow it down a bit. Between Feb 21 and March 3 for Angkins and not on a Monday or Friday. I think a weekend would work better for Sue, and would probably work best for me and Feynn as well. How is Saturday the 24th, or Sunday the 25th?

Silly Rabbit, I think there should be plenty to do with or without the waterslides. We’ll figure it out exactly what we’ll do after we get the date down.

Miss Gretchen, Odieman, and bernse, clear your schedules.

Smug, you are in charge of anything to do with skydiving. Sue and I are behind you 100%.

Despite our proximity and the fact we chat nearly every morning it has been way too long since we have seen Sue. I would really like to meet Odieman as Sue often says nice things about him, we’re in the same profession, and have the same first name…

Then I can talk hockey with Smug if he makes it through the skydiving in one piece…

Yep…we’re long overdue for another “fest”.

Heyyyyyy - WEM has the “Drop of Doom” we could ALL do that!

Besides, I don’t think they would allow CanadianSue to skydive anyways…
some silly rule about having to be sober. :smiley:

Let me know when is a good time. Thursday and Friday nights are best for me.

I am flexible, either date is good, whichever weekend is better for Sue. I just would like to get this firmed up by the weekend so I can book my flight (Thank God for Westjet…) and I am looking forward to seeing the whole Edmonton gang, and hopefully my favorite Maritimer too (Sorry Kelli and Upham).


Are we all ok with this?

Where in the mall should we meet?

The Spanish Gallion? The Whale Mouth? Sherlock Holmes Lounge?

What time Lola?

Does anyone have Havok’s e-mail address? I wonder if he knows?

Suggested Activities:

  1. The Drop of Doom & the Mindbender Roller Coaster.
  2. Beer chugging contest on Bourbon Street.
  3. Mall battery-powered mini-cart drag races.
  4. Shooters at Sherlock’s.
  5. Fishing derby in the salt-water tanks.
  6. Highballs at the Palace Casino
  7. Laser Tag.
  8. Cocktails near the ice arena.
  9. Dolphin riding competition.
  10. Wine tasting.
  11. Mini-golf
  12. A few more drinks at Red’s.
  13. Shopping cart demolition derby.

Who’s in?

Thanks for offering to be my designated driver Smugly, at least I know I’ll be semi safe. Did you ever get the heat fixed in the truck? You can always drive my car. Ahem… I am not a drunk mister! If you would stop making such awesome paralyzers I would probably never drink. At the last dopefest I do recall that I was sober, yep, I’m sure I was.

I AM NOT DOING THE DROP OF DOOM!!! Lola and I decided that we would like to keep our feet and the rest of our bods on the ground… and we will make great cheerleaders lol

Sorry, I won’t be able to make Feb 24th. I guess I’m out. :frowning: Oh well, some other time. I love The Drop of Doom and the Coaster!


I think the Drop of Doom should come after the beer chugging contest! :smiley:

I can see the front page of the Sun. New Brunswick woman gives new meaning to projectile vomit!

Sorry to hear that you can’t make it, bernse. I’m not sure, but I think that date would work the best for everyone else.

All in favour of the 24th say “Aye”. Or eye, whichever suits you best.

Um, actually, Sue, the Drop of Doom is one of my faves. I’ll be on that one. Just nothing out of a plane.

Ok. Should we make this an afternoon or evening thing? I’m ok with meeting for lunch and making an afternoon of it. Meeting late afternoon and making an evening of it might be almost better, as long as everything we want to do is still open all evening. Either way, I think that we should meet somewhere where beverages are served, so we have something to imbibe should anyone (Sue?) be late. :slight_smile:

I do not have Havok’s e-mail addy. He’s on my ICQ, but I never see him online. Maybe we’ll just have to keep bumping this thread for him.

I admit I’ve been late a few times, but I promise to be good and be on time, or even early. Meeting in the afternoon and going from there sounds good to me. I have boyo that weekend so I’ll try to make my arrangements tonite.

I’m easy…errr…I’m flexible…errr…I’ll just be there!! :wink:

Ihave the time off and I will be buying the tickets tomorrow…it’s gonna be a great time, oh and Feynn I believe we owe each other a beer. :wink: