calories in ejaculation

I was watching the tv the other day and saw that a males ejaculation has about 800 calories in it. Now since it takes about 2400 calories to burn a pound of fat is it possible to lose weight with enough ejaculations?

I think I’ve been confused… Calories turn into fat if not burned… And unless you’re saying that the actual act of the male ejaculating uses 800 calories, it doesn’t make sense. Actually, that doesn’t seem right either.

And you here is the actual amount of calories IN the male ejeculation here:

Ahh, one of Cecil’s classics:

Basically, the info you got from TV is waaaayy off. The average ejaculation has only about 2 calories. In most cases, you probably burn off more calories trying to reach orgasm than are contained in the actual ejaculation itself.


I thought that did sound kind of strange. But yes, it does take about 2,400 calories to burn fat and you were also right in the fact that calories do turn into fat if not used

Just cause the spermies has 40 calories don’t mean you lost 40 calories…