The calorie content of sperm.

Hey Cecil, in your column on the calorie content of male ejaculation you say it has a high energy content. Does that mean it’d be possibe to survive on it, should it be necessary? I realise it would involve a phenomenal amount of bjs, I’m just wondering if it’s theoretically possible. Any thoughts people?

Link to the article:
How many calories are in the average male ejaculation?

My guess is that you’d expend a lot more energy in acquiring the calories, than you’d gain. :smiley:


Ha! Good point! They don’t call it a “job” for nothing - do you guys have any idea how much hard work they are!?

Just a passing thought: in theory, if even energy expended was worked out and accounted for in the calorie intake … what would the “other party” survive on?

I don’t think you can survive solely on this. The human body isn’t exactly a closed system.

What I noticed about that column is that Cecil never explained WHY it was a logical assumption that semen would be similar to egg whites in caloric contents.

Interesting question, jojothecannibal.

Cecil said:

According to this site, average ejaculate has about 15 calories, and contains

This page [lots of pop-ups on that page, sorry] claims that egg whites have … 15 calories. So, Cecil would appear to be correct.

So useful for losing weight, then? I have an idea for a diet book.

Can’t be any worse than the Atkins Diet…

Apparently, this experiment has been tried, with the results recorded for posterity. It’s available on DVD.

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