Calories in sushi

How many calories are there in a typical sushi dinner? Tonight I had the sashimi special: 6 pc salmon, 4 tuna, 2 mackerel, 2 fluke, 2 octopus, 2 yellowtail, 1 pink snapper. I could only find a calorie count for the tuna; it was listed as 60 calories per piece. If everything I ordered was around the same my meal was over 1100 calories not including rice and miso. That seems awfully high. Is tuna a very high calorie fish? Does anyone know the other’s info?

tuna is about average as far as calories go.

If you had 60-calorie pieces of tuna and your other types of fish had the same size pieces (roughly two ounces. an ounce of tuna is 30 calories.) the breakdown would be (approximately):

66 cal/piece of salmon
80 cal/piece of mackerel
88 cal/piece of yellowtail
56 cal/piece of snapper
48 cal/piece of octopus
52 cal/piece of fluke

Assuming you had two ounces of each, that brings your total to 1228 calories, minus rice and miso.

Dude, you ate a LOT of sushi! You ate it all by yourself? 1100 calories for that quantity foof should not surprise you. Nineteen pieces? Geeze!

Sushi Nutitional Data

Check out the link for more details.

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