Cameo - a website for celebrity rating, time wasting, and train wreck watching

Not putting a link in here because I have no vested interest in this site, but it is the first word of the thread title followed by dot com.
This site is not new, but I only recently became obsessed with it.
The actual purpose of the site is to have celebrities record a personal video message for a friend or family member. I have no interest in doing that though.
What I have been using it for is wasting time by comparing the rates charged for each celebrity and being somewhat amused at who is asking for how much.
I don’t know if the site sets the rates based on some Q factor calculation, or if the celebrities themselves put a dollar amount on their time. Either way, it has my interest.

So John Schneider, the original Bo Duke will set you back $200, but Gary Busey is a whopping $350.
A message from the Seinfeld soup nazi guy is a steal at $80, but Flava Flav will cost you $250.
The train wreck part comes in when you see people like Jamie Farr ($100) or Dick Van Dyke ($500). Are they really needing the income these days or are they just bored?

I have not found a way to sort by price, but the most expensive I have found is Caitlyn Jenner ($2500).
Least was some reality show contestant at $7.

Anyone else find amusement in things like this, or is it just me?

It doesn’t seem to me like anybody is knocking down their doors to put them to work, so I’m guessing, yeah, they need the money. I might consider paying that for one of them to drive me to the airport. Well, not Caitlyn Jenner, even at a deep discount.

If you watch the samples, they’re typically under a minute and recorded on the celebrity’s cell phone while they’re wearing street clothes. If Jamie Farr can make a hundred bucks in a minute telling someone happy birthday, more power to him.

That said, I do find the site amusing and have toyed with the idea of getting some $10 “celebrity” to record a message for a friend as a joke before.

I’ve done this a couple times, it was pretty fun. I think I paid $15 for a Cleveland Indians pitcher to do a birthday message for my boyfriend’s 40th (bonus - he’s a twin so I had the guy mention both!) and then I got Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall to send me a video for my OWN birthday, for $30.

It is pretty crazy the amount of money some celebs are able to charge, for the amount of work they do! I guess maybe piercing the celebrity veil can be pretty expensive.

What would be an even more interesting statistic would be to track how the prices change over time. Do celebs start high and end up having to lower their rates? Anyone’s rates go up? It might be a funny measure of success!

Oh absolutely. And a huge blow/boost to the celeb’s ego as well. No hits at $200 Ms. Reality Show Lady? Try dropping it to $50.

And I’m sure the website gets a chunk of the fee as well. Maybe as high as 50%

I think a happy birthday from Gilbert Gottfried would be hilarious to give someone.