Camp OVERLOAD: "Mr Romance" tonight on Oxygen

Mr. Romance on Oxygen. A new reality show in which a dozen hunks cimpete to become the next Harlequin Romance cover model.

Created by Gene Simmons. Yes, that Gene Simmons. Hosted by Fabio. Contestants include: [ul]Andrew Larsen: Fisherman from Alaska
Mark Mast: Model and Personal Trainer from Montreal Canada
Bruce Blauer: Bartender from Montana
Charles Gladish: Carpenter and Erotic Dancer from Idaho
Hakan Emden: Hair Model and Soccer Coach, lives in LA but from Turkey
Justin Dryer: Graphic Artist and Hula Dancer from Hawaii
Adam Hatley: Actor and Model from California
Randy Ritchwood: Truck Driver from New Jersey
Scott Alexander: Model from Missouri
Tom “TJ” Jones: Actor from Cleveland Ohio
Tony Catanzaro: Trainer and Professional Dancer from New York[/ul]

This show can’t miss. Who’s with me?

You know I missed being a contestant on this show by that* much.

That being one light Freebird
[sub]* A light Freebird is the distance light travels during the run time of the song Freebird.[/sub]

God, I wish I didn’t have to wait until home to see the videos. They should have put up some snaps, like Bravo did for Manhunt.

Randy Ritchwood is a fantastic name.

Some pics of a sort may be found here.


That was freakin’ hilarious. Thank god the producers have a sense of humor about the show. If they weren’t trying to play this for laughs this show would be deadly.