"Camp" - The Movie, Not The Concept (Spoilers In Boxes)

So has anyone seen it? I thought there were some really great theater-geek humor moments throughout, along with a little too much sentimentality, that I’m not sure it ever earned.

Favorite Parts:

  1. That scary little girl’s little speech to the musical director just before her badass number. Rock on! There was much applause for this, which indicates another thing I liked about this movie, the crowd it attracted.

  2. The “Midnight Sun” rehearsal scene. The sign on the dumpster that says something like “Warning: Do Not Occupy This Container For Any Reason”. The best part of course being “Try not to screw up the blocking!” Snort.

  3. While the subplot about that one girl’s father being a complete asshole who is obsessed with her weight was pretty weak and bizarre, I will say that her number at the end was quite raucous.

  4. That GUY! God-DAMN! All glistening and wet and muscular at the end… and with that jacket, too. WOW.

Things That Angered Me:

  1. That insanely attractive Dawson lookalike guy was an asshole! He just keeps getting to have his cake and eat it too! Nobody ever really shuts him down, the movie acts as though it’s some great act of charity for him to mess around with the smart, interesting, talented girl AS WELL AS the high maintenance bitch. WTF?

  2. The subplot about Michael’s loneliness, needing to turn the straight guy around so he can be loved is RIDICULOUS! He’s in a place where he’s surrounded by gorgeous gay guys, and he’s gotta go after the ONE straight guy that he can’t have? That sounds like it’s his problem, I really don’t care.

But maybe my favorite thing about the movie-

Nobody really gets their problems fixed up all tidy. It’s actually kind of realistic, compared to the neat little sitcom package I expected. The musical guy doesn’t quit drinking, Michael doesn’t land a boyfriend, the attractive dude still has to make everyone happy to feel good about himself, the artsy girl doesn’t really stand up to him, etc. It’s just like a snapshot from a larger story that’s really easy to imagine for most people involved in theater.

Plus, I saw it with a female friend who had played the Prince/Chorus in Romeo and Juliet, and when that scene came on, we could barely stay in our seats. The “West Side Story” outburst was also pretty damned funny.

What did you guys think?