Ladies - let's discuss Magic Mike :)

I saw it this afternoon.

If it’s eye candy you want, go see it. The plot isn’t riveting, but I’ll give the writers points for not being completely formulaic, particularly at the end.

I’d give it a B-. Could have been an A if they’d shown more Joe Manganiello (the ONLY reason I even bothered to see it).

I went to a 4:30 showing and the place was almost completely packed. The two following showings were already sold out when I got there.

Pondering whether to go see it: it seems to be doing pretty well at the box office. Loved The Full Monty but I don’t get the impression that this is at all the same kind of thing.

This is the second place I’ve seen mentioning Magic Mike. Who the hell is he?

I’m not much of a movie goer but I got a $25 Regal Cinema gift card for my birthday, so I’ve been looking for stuff to see.

For some reason this one jumped out at me. I’m a 33 year old single fat white lady…so I guess it stands to reason. I paid to see 300, I will pay to see this too.

I invited my small pool of girl friends to come with, even the lesbian.

I could care less if there’s a plot. There are no male strip clubs worth going to around here, so this will be my jollies for the year.

I caught a clip from an interview with Channing Tatum where he says the dance moves were all his - can’t recall if he said at one point he did have a stunt double or no. I’m probably not going to see it, but wow, the dance moves I saw in the trailer did impress me.

Movie – directed by Stephen Soderberg! – with a half dozen men with very, very flat stomachs portraying strippers.

I seriously doubt he had a stunt double - his first big role involved dance.

No matter how good or bad the movie is, I think it’s going to suffer at the box office because of the lame name they gave it.

He used to be a male stripper. For real.

I saw it solely because it was a Stephen Soderburgh film. Hey, if Darren Aronofski (sp?) can make a great film about a professional wrestler, anything can happen.

Enjoyable enough, although the stripping had about as much real-world credibility was Flashdance. And seriously, not one gay man in the audience of the club?

Are men, even gay men, allowed in?

In Australia, the verb perve means to view something for the purposes of sexual arousal. As in, “I was having a perve at a wank mag.” It implies that the perver is leering like a pervert.

So, this would be a perve movie.

ETA: The second E is silent, and sometimes left out when written: perv is an acceptable variant spelling.

Didn’t see any in the line in exterior shots of the club.

Back in the eighties there was a nightclub here that had male strippers one night a week. It was strictly ladies only, no men allowed. That was to keep out the straight guys hoping to score with hot-n-bothered women, worked into a frenzy by male strippers. They let men in later at night after the show and the rumor was that it was easy pickins but I have no first hand knowlege if it was true.

Any penises in the movie?

I heard an interview with Mr Tatum where he claimed that the club he used to dance at was women-only and he agreed that such a club would probably not exist nowadays.

While I can appreciate the work that goes into getting one’s body into that kind of shape and the art form that is dance, I don’t find it appealing to watch men dance that way. It strikes me as the exact opposite of what thye’re trying to convey, i.e. manliness in the extreme. Wearing a cop uniform with assless pants doesn’t exactly beef it up, either. Now if Mr. Tatum and company were to stop by my house and offer their handyman services. . .

I will no doubt rent this one if only because it was shot around town here and it’s fun to see my local dive bar posing as a local dive strip club.

Will you make him a sandwich just to complete the circle of gender stereotypes?

I’m going to see it this afternoon, with one of my oldest friends. Can’t wait! This is definitely an ‘girlfriends’ movie!

Oh, there’ll be a sandwich alright!

Seriously, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Just because I don’t find stripper style dancing by men sexy I’m promoting gender stereotypes? The crack about the handyman services was a joke. Let me break it down for you: Aside from the particular form of dance featured in the movie, I find them all very attractive and would not kick any of them out of bed, even if they were dressed as handymen.

I wsn’t disappointed… eye candy galore! I have always sorta had a ‘thing’ for Matthew McConaughey and oh MAMA! He stole my attention in every scene, even tho he didn’t have the classically best body on screen.

Be still my heart…