Can a chandelier be installed in any part of a home?

I want to put in a chandelier over my soon to be dining area, but the ceiling is smooth, there is no ‘thingy’ (saucer like plate that is some kind of pre wiring thing I think). Can an electrician install one anyway? Or does this have be pre wired from when the home was made?

if there is no electrical box in the ceiling then an electrician can put one in and also place switches where you want. an electrician can run wires where none previously existed. if there is an attic above there might be minimal putting holes in ceilings which need to be patched later. if there is basement below then no extra holes might have to be put in the walls.

get an electrician or three out to look at the job and give an estimate. you particular building and situation will determine how much and how hard the job will be.

Yes,it can be done. It will be much easier if there is an unfinished attic above it. If not, you can run surface mount conduit across the ceiling. Otherwise repairing the drywall may cost more than installing the chandelier.

Did you just buy your first home? It sounds like that with the questions about the chandelier, light switch, pot rack and towel rod. If so, you might want to make a long list of all of the things you want to have done and have an electrician or handyman come in and do it all at once. It will be cheaper. And if you are wondering how to find a good handyman, try asking the real estate agent who helped you with the house purchase. There may be a handyman that the agent uses to prep houses for sale.

Just completed a lot of remodeling in my house and you can have an electrician do just about anything you want. It’s just a matter of degree of difficulty of the job and how much you’re willing to spend. Lighting over a dining area should be a snap. Make sure that the cost covers any patching and finishing work on the walls and ceiling. Note that the new lighting may expose any bad patch jobs if they’re not done well.

Have you considered a chain lamp? I just hung mine from a swag hook, no wiring required. It’s the snazz.

I assume you’re thinking of replacing an existing ceiling light with a chandelier?

It can be done. However, your average ceiling light doesn’t weigh very much. They are often mounted in boxes with little or no physical support. The Sheetrock is the only thing holding the box in.

For anything heavy like a chandelier or ceiling fan someone has to get in the attic and install a 2x4 for the electrical box to mount too. A box mounted directly on a 2x4 can safely handle the weight of a ceiling fan or chandelier. It’s an easy homeowner job. If you have an open attic with enough headroom.

Here’s a picture showing how to properly reinforce an electrical box with a 2x4.

Don’t let anyone use a box with metal hangers. They aren’t nearly as strong as a 2x4. If you got to crawl in the attic anyhow, then you might as well do it the right way.

if it is a heavy ceiling fixture (fan or large chandelier) there are heavy fixture boxes made to take that extra load.

Well, putting one in a half-bath might be seen as a bit much.