Can anybody see the scoreboard mpage on

Every time I go there, I get a page bloated with a video at the top, and after a few seconds the entire page goes completely black. This has been going on for several weeks. Has anybody else had this problem?

Meanwhile, is there any other site where I can go and quickly, without any bullshit, get a list of today’s games and the score in progress inning by inning, without waiting for the bloat to load? cbs and espn fail miserably.

It looks fine to me.

You can check updated live scores at

No, at tsn, I just get a page of links to video highlights (full size, not even thumbnails) of each game, and can’t find today’s schedule at all…

I can get scoreboard on Chrome, but not on Firefox. I wonder if the guys at have heard of Firefox, and might be working on making it supported.

The best one I’ve found so far is at the British betting site bet365. They don’t mess around, those betting sites.

Huh? There’s a banner at the top of TSN that gives the scores. In fact you can click on Full Scores in the top right to give the scores on a whole screen.

OK. So the link should have been MLB Scores - Game Scores from Major League Baseball

It only gives the final, not the inning-by-inning line.

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