Can anyone interpret this t-shirt?

Found in a chapter of the manga Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiruthat was published several years ago. There is of course a strong possivility that it is original to the artist and not based on an existing design, but it still must mean something.

Well, you have a guy with an erection, some sperm, a bird and a condom hieroglyphics. I guess the condom could be a bee hive which gives something like “the birds and the bees” to go with his guilty look. But I’m no Egyptian scholar.


I don’t know about the other symbols, but the one on the top right is an obvious hidden call to Satan, an upside down 666! :eek: “The woman who claims Monster Energy drinks are a tool of the devil is back, just in time for Halloween” :smack:

Wake up people!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I’d usually favor a less prurient interpretation, but surely top left is “man who breaks leg while snowboarding”.

I’m wondering if the upper left symbol is a play on this character.

A bird under foot is worth 3 in the beansprouts, honey.

Looks simple enough to me: Skiing on semen makes birds fly into beehives.

Well, there’s a guy with a twisted leg, a bird, and then some sperm about to impregnate a cup of coffee.

Y’all really? Those are obviously bean sprouts. Sperms don’t have brains that big.:slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the bird is a hummingbird and think it’s not a beehive, but a pot of honey. I’m guessing it’s a play on some Japanese slang on the words for all the drawings. There’s a Japanese language Sub Reddit, you might try posting there.

Ah…yeah bean sprouts! Moyashi! Three more to go!

Also, it might be read right to left or up and down (right to left)

Or it doesn’t mean anything, it just looks funny or cool.

I love threads like this!

The lower right could be a pile of shit, with above it not sperm but fumes. The surfer and the bird are going to run into it.

I thought of poop, but the Japanese aren’t shy about piles of poop.

Tokyo’s newest mascot character: a smiling bright pink turd laid by Japan’s most famous dog【Vid】

I have decided the stick figure is actually a alphabet character. Does anyone read Japanese?

Can’t read Japanese, but it’s definitely a stick figure. The bottom resembles 大 (dai/big) which is meant to symbolize someone with outstretched arms, but the Japanese (and Chinese) don’t use a circle or oval as a radical (part of a character). AFAIK, it’s only used in Korean.

I do, and none of these are Japanese characters. Nor are they common Japanese pictograms.

I finally saw the image. I think people are saying it’s a rebus. E.g., “bird” could be “tori”, or “cho”. If it is supposed to be a straight reading then you pretty much have to go back to the Shang Dynasty for the bird to resemble an actual bird, “dai” to resemble a stick figure, and so on.

Possibly, but the upper left doesn’t look like a simple “dai”. I think the “surfer” interpretation seems most likely, given the bent forward knee and the swoosh below. But which character would that represent?

And I have no idea about the two symbols on the right. I’m not exactly an avid manga reader, but I’ve read some and I don’t recognize either as being a common representation of anything.

If it’s meant to be symbols for words (like those kids puzzle books, an eye for "I’ and a bee for “be”) then it needs a local interpretation, as Lingyi says.