Can anyone suggest a non-bitter, K-cup (Keurig) coffee brand/blend?

Feel free to opine if you drink your coffee black and recognize that many blends of coffee here in the good ol’ USofA are bitter, especially when consumed black (free of cream/sugar/etc).

Neumann’s Own: Fairly Bitter
Green Mountain Dark Magic: Very Bitter
Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve: Almost as bitter as Dark Magic
Emeril’s Stuff: Off-the-charts bitter
So, for our Keurig, can anyone confidently say there is a non-bitter coffee that we can consume black? We don’t mind if we have to order on-line or get from an obscure source, and we aren’t the type to worry about cost.

Now I needs my morning coffee! :o Be back with this caffeinated expression for some opinions later: :eek:


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I like the Diedrich French Roast very much, but then again I just had a cup of the Dark Magic and I didn’t find it particularly bitter (I drink it black with a Splenda). I am also partial to Coffee People Jet Fuel.

Have you tried the Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend? It’s a mellow sort of coffee.

Im envisioning a new blend right now.

Green Mountain: Confrence Coffee Blend

Seriously though, it’s been my experience that the French Roasts have less bitterness.

Italian Roast. Not too watery and on the sweet side.

Let it be known that I brew my cups at 4 ounces each because, otherwise, they are far too weak.

Dark Magic does tend toward the bitter but I can brew it at 6 ounces and not have a cup of brown water, so it has that going for it.

Coffee People Jet Fuel? Sounds intriguing.

Buy yourself the insert and put whatever coffee you want into it.

Donut Shop and Timothy’s Italian Blend are both good and not too bitter. Make sure it’s Donut Shop, not Donut House, which isn’t as good.

I think the Folger’s k-cups (caf and decaf) are fabulous.

Thanks for all the suggestions. We will try some out and report back.

As for the insert: Have one. We use it in a pinch, but kills the joy of the Keurig.

Gonna hunt for those suggested now!

Gloria Jean Cappuccino

Tully Breakfast Blend

are both pretty smooth and I drink my coffee black.