Can Anyone Translate a German Booklet For Me?

I have a 1932 German booklet (about 30 pages, mostly photos) on 1930s actress Renate Müller, about whom I’d like to write an article for Classic Images. Problem is, I only read a handful of words in German . . . Anyone wanna make a cool, umm, 20 bucks? I’ll send you a photocopy of the booklet . . .

Renate was quite a character, by the way: a German Claudette Colbert type, she was forced to do one Nazi propaganda film, had a nervous breakdown and was either pushed or jumped from a widow in 1938. I have a video of her in Viktor und Viktoria (1933), and she was a real pippin.

You could try babelfish. The translations are decidedly imperfect, but usually close enough so you can get the gist and fix the errors by looking at the context. It only takes 150 words at a time, though.

I’d suggest a couple of translators ($10 each). I’ll volunteer to be one. (I’ve got a degree in German and don’t get much chance to use it.)

I’d be afraid of babelfsh (someone at work recommended it, too). One typo from me, or one missed word, could change the meaning of a whole sentence!

It’s a 30-page booklet, but each page is 50% photo. Thanks, Panama! You can get my e-mail address from Cajunman, and we’ll talk. I’ll give ya a heads-up in the article, too!

Part of my first degree was in German, and I lived there for a while. I’d be happy to put my language skills to good use for a change. Only problem is, would you be able to send the booklet to the UK and get it back in time? As long as that wouldn’t be too much of a hindrance, I’ll be your second translator.

Be very afraid of Babel and any other automatic translator, just see what it did to Founding Fathers foreign pages.