Can appendicits (not a burst appendix) present mildly?

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When I was ~13, I spent a Sunday hauling 100s of cement octagons around in order to move a driveway and create room for a patio. (I was a pretty big kid.) The next day I had stomach cramping and pain in my gut- everyone immediately assumed hernia, of course.

But my mom was going to the doctor for a pregnancy check anyway so I tagged along (weren’t small town medical clinics awesome!). Hernia checks all came back negative. But I had elevated temperature and very high white blood cell count so they suspected appendicitis (and a helluva coincidence). The definitive test was not really probing but rather pushing 3 fingers 2-3 inches into my lower right abdomen and rapidly letting go. They pain radiates from my knees to my testicles to my diaphragm. I freaking hurts.

But as this was a teaching hospital/clinic, there was a batch of 40-60 interns/residents around and as I had a very early appendicitis they wanted to use me to show what a swollen organ/appendix felt like even at an early stage. Thus 40-60 proddings and 40-60 turn and coughs occurred in the next 30 minutes.

Lessons learned:

  1. Parents neeed to be more protective of their children
  2. Doctors can sometimes be real assholes… sometimes. But they also didn’t stop investigating until they discovered what was wrong to begin with.
  3. Body rights are something one needs to assert and say no
  4. Pushing in the stomach and letting go will give you a definitive pain for appendicitis or something serious

Now as I was a teenage boy who had just had 20+ hot young 20 year olds fondle my junk in one go, I had a great story to tell and memories for years… so I’m not really that mad.

Thanks, Beckdawrek. I’m hopeful all is OK. My apparent abdominal strain is annoying, but will subside with time.

Disheaval … that could have been either a really great story, or a really embarrassing one :smiley:

Well, he did say he was a big kid so…

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When my sis was 18 she had what her doc called “smoldering appendix.” Eventually after a few months she’d lost a lot of weight, they removed it.

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Do they still also do a rectal exam for suspected appendicitis? IDK how that would aid in diagnosis, since the appendix is on the other side of the colon, but then again, IANAD.

When I worked at the hospital, the people who showed up at the ER in terrible pain, or even came in via ambulance, almost always did the best, because it was really obvious what was wrong with them and they needed to get that thing out NOW. People with smoldering or less obvious symptoms had longer hospitals stays, complications, etc.

The oldest pharmacist there told us about his own appendectomy when he was an adolescent. He’d been sick for a few days, so his mother took him to the family doctor. The doctor told him to take off all his clothes and put on a gown, and when he came back, my co-worker was told to bend over, and as he put it, “OONK!” (finger up the ol’ back door!) He just about went through the roof, and he was sent to the hospital and got his appendix out within a few hours. An interesting aftereffect of this was that he and his friends were into assembling balsa wood models, and after the surgery, he had to give up that hobby because the glue they used contained ether, and that’s what he’d been anesthetized with. :o

Appendices are no longer routinely removed when a person has lower abdominal surgery.

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