Why does my side still hurt?

Ok, first off I have sought and am seeking medical attention for this; I just wanted some information as to what the next doctor might have to say. In January, I came down with appendicitis. I had normal symptoms for about a day and a half and then they started to go away. However, for the next 7 weeks (until my appendectomy) I had some pressure in my side and frequent nausea. I saw a doctor a couple days after the initial symptoms arose and was under the care of a surgeon from that day on for this. The surgeon diagnosed it as chronic appendicitis and for various reasons (some of which were not voluntary), I held off on the surgery until the discomfort became more severe. After about the 3rd week, when the surgery pains went away, I felt nearly 100% for the next couple weeks. Then I started having some minor discomfort in my side again. I thought it was normal, I still wasn’t that far removed from having my innards explored. So it doesn’t go away. Then in late August, I woke up one day with all of the symptoms of appendicitis again: extreme abdominal pain, fever, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and painful urination. These all are gone by late that night. Since then I have had pain in my side that is a bit more significant that the pressure I experienced before my appendectomy, but I thought it was odd how similar it was to my other experience. I eventually made my way back to my surgeon thinking I might have adhesions or something, but he said that was unlikely with laparoscopic surgery. He said it could be some deal with my bowels or the like, and he referred me to a gastroenterologist. The surgeon said I might have to have a colonoscopy. My appointment is next week. Any ideas and/or opinions as to what this might be.

The same thing kind of happened to me after my appendectomy last year. In my case, the pain and nausea a month later were so much worse than the pain of my appendix a fixin’ to rupture. It turned out to be a minor intestinal blockage. Later research showed that these are very painful and also dangerous if they turn into a full impaction. I had no idea this was happening; things seemed normal to me, if you know what I mean.

Of course, this may not be what is happening to you and when in such a situation, emergency professional advice is a good thing.

Not to scare you, but are the pains in the same location? Because I had pains in the abdomen, and it turned out to be the start of Crohn’s disease. I would definitely have the colonoscopy.

Well, when I saw my surgeon (who we will call Phil) last and he set up the consult with the gastro. doc, he did say that it might be something to do with inflammed bowels. The pain has been in pretty much the same spot, but there is no doubt I was having problems with my appendix to start with, it was as big as a sausage when the took it out. Tasty. It is on my side, just above my waist. It is not in just one spot, but they are located pretty close to each other. Phil said the pathology came back as ‘early appendicitis’, which he thought was a little odd. I had it for friggin 7 weeks, I don’t see what is early about that. So, yeah, we’ll see what he says, but after I googled Crohn’s, it looks like that is a possibility. Good times. How have things turn out for you libwen? If you don’t mind me asking.