Can Chuck Norris be anymore of a dumb ass?

Actually, I think we need a whole Justice League like this.

I volunteer to check all the all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffets.

Who’ll take one for the team, and check all the donut shops?

Not only that. but Obama must be hiding the information from himself. He’s putting the secret info there, and he’s making the place immune from search warrants. Diabolical!

Idiots. It’s under the Kaaba in Mecca, where all good Muslims hide their shit.

Well, since Chuck put us into the realm of fantasy a long time ago…I’m thinking Homer Simpson.


Nitpick: any more of a dumbass.

Dude! What part of ‘secret’ do you not understand? :smiley:

This is just the break the Geraldo camp was waiting for …

Samuel L. Jackson?

He must of missed Geraldo’s special on Al Capone’s secret vault.

I think a Palin/Norris ticket in 2012 would be a lot of fun. Although we have to work Michelle Bachman and Orly Taitz in there somehow.

Yes he’s lost the plot. Surely a crime carried out against civilians in an act of terror, not an act of war, should be tried in civil courts?

And let’s not forget Bobby “A Perfect Ten On The Linda Blair Scale” Jindal.

The power of Christ compels you…the power of Christ compels you…

Michelle Bachmann can be Secretary of State. That’d be a hoot.

Can you imagine the Power of Crazy magnified if she met directly with Col. Quadafi or Kim Jong-Il?

Clearly Orly Taitz should be teh Attorney General or Surgeon General or Secretary of the Interior.

Chuck Norris is watching each and every one of you right now.

ORLY could be the atty general.

And Secretary of the Interior. Sadly, there’s no Dentist General, so one third of her talents would be wasted.

Just because there is no Dentist General doesn’t mean there can’t be a Dentist General. Oral hygiene has been too long neglected in America. Orly is the right person for the job.

Oral, Orly. Ah, I see what you did there.

Hadn’t thought of that, but I think Boyo Jim is alluding to the fact that the incredibly talented Ms. Taitz is not only a lawyer and real estate agent, but she’s also a dentist as well. I am of the impression that she is not well respected in any of her chosen professions.

I have a question: Does anyone take Chuck Norris’s political views and/or rants seriously?

Actually, don’t anyone answer that. I’m afraid the answer might be yes.