Insurgents are stupid

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Eleven Sunni insurgent groups have offered an immediate halt to all attacks — including those on American troops — if the United States agrees to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq in two years, insurgent and government officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Someone needs to explain reverse psychology to them. Now anytime any attempt to pull out of Iraq is brought up it will be met with criticisms of ‘you are giving in to terrorists’. If they actually wanted the US out of Iraq they should’ve ‘let leak’ a secret memo between terrorists saying they wanted the US to stay in Iraq for as long as possible so that more terrorists and insurgents would be recruited.

Uh, Wes? That’s already what the government says (in so many words) when people suggest pulling out of Iraq.

Now they get to say it louder. Now they get to say that Al Qaeda themselves support that kind of motion.

Does anyone actually think that cowbush and the insurgents are going to make a deal? Terms be damned. bush will withdraw from Iraq when it’s politically savvy for him to do so, no sooner. If it means leaving the next POTUS with the job, so be it. His political image is, in his opinion, worth a few thousand soldiers’ lives.

This might get moved to the Pit.

I just hope I didn’t force such a move. Not my intention.

Maybe those insurgents are conducting an elaborate n-tuple bluff and actually want the US to stay…

Insurgent groups acknowledge a willingness to…uhm…negotiate and that is a bad idea? Yeah, I understand the concept of not dealing with terrorists but…uh…when did insurgent become a synonym for terrorist? Does that mean rebels are terrorists by association too?

C’mon, weren’t the Founding Fathers insurgents?

At least rebels, right?

Isn’t negotiation or diplomacy [SUB](dirty words)[/SUB] kinda what works? Or has worked in the past?
Yeah, this is gonna end up in The Pit.

Wasn’t the “Revolutionary War” basically an insurgent response to British control?

Um…[SUB]<gulp>[/SUB]…yep. [SUB]God this is sooooo gonna end up in The Pit and we are ALL gonna get yelled at…[/SUB]

Once it’s in the pit, can I mention that my family has risen in arms against the Spanish government 6 times in the last 200 years (not counting when the king was French) and 5 of the 6 wars ended up with negotiations?

Mind you, the word “terrorist” had only been invented by the time war #6 rolled along… that’s the one that ended only when the “government’s side” was dead, in exile or had surrendered inconditionally.

Nobody’s gonna get yelled at, this thread might get relocated. However, you need to clarify your position. At this point, I don’t disagre with you. What should be done?

[left wing rhetoric] bush can’t get the 49.7% of Americans that voted against him to agree with him. [/left wing rhetoric]

He’s also having trouble convincing those that voted for him that he’s doing the right thing. What chance in hell does idiot-in-chief have of convincing insurgents that our forces have their best interests in mind? Why should they trust him? A very large, very large percentage of Americans don’t trust him. Why should they?

A little over 50% of our voters have screwed our country. Thanks.

No, the Dems screwed our country when they failed to nominate a candidate that people could vote for.
The most unpopular incumbent in recent history, one that would have been easy to unseat, and and the Dems couldn’t get 'er done. :wink:
Please try to do better next time.

When they decided to fight against us. As the old phrase goes, “terrorist” is what the big army calls the little army.

I’m giving in to the terrorists: Off to the Pit.

Why do you hate America? And by America, I mean TVeblen.

Why do you hate America?

I hear Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still Dead :slight_smile:

But seriously - insurgents want to negotiate a settlement, and you laugh at them? Did you learn NOTHING from our wonderful example, people?

“Never go up against a Texan when swagger is on the line…”

We all know that the US won’t be out of there in two years. But right now the doors appear to be open to discourse and negotiation. And I would be happy if the troops could spend those two years without their lives at risk.

With the right diplomacy, this would be an opportunity for the Sunnis to claim that their insurgency was successful, and it would give the current administration an opportunity to claim that the war was successful and peace achieved. Unfortunately, the Bush White House has never taken the diplomatic approach if there was a destructive alternative available.

The Iraqis aren’t terrorists, most of the insurgents aren’t at least. I may’ve used the term interchangeably once but I wasn’t trying to imply that terrorists and insurgents are the same thing. Terrorists attack civilians to get attention and impose their brand of order, insurgents attack military men to bring about political change.

Damn you and your logic to hell!

I’ve never looked at it from that perspective. The truth of it cuts me like an industrial bandsaw. You sir, have ruined my summer.

When bush was “re-elected” , I thought that things could not get worse. I was wrong. I’m not really pro-democrat, or even anti-republican. I am, however, as anti-bush as can be. That dumbfuck is unfit to eat dog shit in the park.

I find myself with a similar dilemna this November. Ken Blackwell (aka Satan) is running against Ted Strickland (a Dem). Bob Fitrakis and some other guy are also running. They represent the green party and the Libertarian party. Neither party will be recognized by the state on the ballot due to poor poll outcomes.

I’d love to vote for either of the latter two, but, Ken Blackwell needs to go! My only “winning” choice is to vote for Strickland. Same shit, different year.

It’s getting to the point where you can’t vote for the person you want, if you need the favorite to lose. Tons of Kerry voters (myself included) were only voting against bush! It’s really quite sad.

Tom Clancy “predicted” 9/11 with startling accuracy and detail years before it happened. Would it take a “Debt of Honor” type scenario to make things change? Something needs to happen, now. I’m sick of this shit.

Right, by “the government’s side” I meant the other side, the old government’s side… the Reds+anarchists.

That was a war where the “law and order guys” were the insurgents.