Can Chuck Norris be anymore of a dumb ass?

I’m guessing the same people who believe Glenn Beck is a real journalist.

Great! Then he’ll see me endlessly replaying that scene where Bruce Lee beats him to death, and masturbating like a motherfuck!

It’s kind of sad watching these old martial arts action stars get old, fat, crazy and desperate for attention.* Perhaps Seagal and Norris could form a crime-fighting duo? Then again, the hair dye budget would be outrageous.
*Except for Jackie Chan. He’s always cool. Chuck and Steve wish they could be as cool as Jackie.

That’s the final straw. I’m returning that exercise machine I bought from his infomercial!

And that Rush is “America’s anchorman”- I hearD him call himself that today.

And nobody can find him, as my son pointed out to me. Google. “Find Chuck Norris.” Feel lucky.

That’s it, I am done with Chuck Norris. If I ever run into him, I am going to kick his ass.

You do that Gonzo. Be sure to get some one to record it so you can post it on the internet. It should be vastly entertaining to watch. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve always felt we should engage the services of this man to deal with the matter.

Samuel Jackson could eyeball him to death at twenty paces.

Lemmy would never let George Lucas make him wear a dress.

I must have missed it, but what did Joe Buck do/say?

No, no.

Teeth Czar.

Can someone, please, explain to me how a person with a charisma bordering to zero has been able to achieve such a stardom?

Typo there.

It has to be Tooth Tzar.

I don’t get it. There is no one too stupid, no idea too far fetched, and no lie too big to repeat these days on the conservative verbal manure machine. Wouldn’t the fact that someone misled you the previous 50 times make you somewhat wary of believing them this time? Doesn’t having your grass roots organizations funded by corporations with vested interests make you wonder just a bit?

I think that the Democrats, and those to the left of Atilla the Hun in general, just don’t know how to respond to this crap. Where do you begin? “Ah, no, Obama is not a lizard person hatched from an egg in Kenya laid by a Muslim. Now can we get to the conversation about a marginal tax rates”? “What’s that? You want to know if Obama is going to confiscate all the guns and make our children swear an oath to Allah”?

His smooth complexion.

Are you sure he didn’t say “America’s anchor”? As in “an object that keeps America from moving forward by perpetually dragging it through the mud and slime, and which is surrounded by scum-sucking bottomfeeders”?

She’s allegedly female. It should be Tooth Tzarina.

Get your facts straight. It’s the Jews who are lizard people.