Can I be the only person stunned at just how badly President Joe Biden is doing?

It’s occurred to me that @CHealy7 was asking a reasonable question:

“Can I be the only person stunned at just how badly President Joe Biden is doing?”

I think the answer is: Yes, you absolutely can.

I think we need to compare President Biden with his predecessor.

Donald Trump has:

  • built a wall across the whole of the Southern US border and got Mexico to pay for it
  • locked up Hillary Clinton
  • had the largest crowd ever seen at his inauguration
  • received a standing ovation at the United Nations
  • released his tax records (the only President ever to do so)
  • disarmed North Korea
  • never caught Covid
  • persuaded all his followers to be vaccinated
  • inspired a massive crowd of tourists to enter the Capitol
  • restored faith in the election process

Speaks for itself, really. :roll_eyes: :nauseated_face:

He’s singlehandedly destroying the careers of political comedy writers by giving them nothing to work with. Pretty soon there will be no more laughter in the land of the free.

And you forgot mentioning you need to lube the light with bleach. Get cured of COVID and bleach your anus at the same time, now how much would you pay?

I don’t think that is fair. There are lots of idiots in America.

I called how boring Biden was on day one.

I’m quite disappointed that Biden has not gotten into a twitter insult war with a “B” celebrity. I mean, does the man even know what his role is or what?

You raise an interesting point: does Biden even have a “private” twitter account? POTUS does, but I’m thinking Joe doesn’t. No drama. Humph.

Biden’s approval rating is higher than Trump’s, but what about his TV ratings? I don’t think his last speech was even in prime time; what a loser.

And when did Sleepy Joe last hold a packed rally filled with boos when he suggests folks get vaccinated? SAD!

When did Biden get laughed at by the entire UN?

Only people who want Biden to appear to be doing badly think he’s doing badly.

Individual 1’s last rally was a super spreader. One third of the kids in the county’s schools have covid.

Sleepy Joe is so bad he couldn’t draw a crowd nearly large enough to cause a super spreader event!

Not gonna come back and defend yourself? No?

You’re quite the gutless coward, MAGAloser.


No, no, when the orange shit-gibbon claimed that he had done more in his first two years than any other president in history, the entire UN laughed with him, not at him. It was so hilariously funny because they knew it was true. They knew that the genius of the orange shit-gibbon towered so magnificently over all other presidents going all the way back to George Washington that any comparison at all was just ridiculous. This fact was confirmed by the orange shit-gibbon’s spokesperson who, like all other spokespersons for the orange shit-gibbon, can be depended on to always tell the absolute truth.

I’ll admit Biden isn’t a great public speaker and his age shows in his speech. But he’s mentally sharp af. When he was exiting a press conference and Fox troll Peter Doocy yelled out “What did you and Putin talk about?” he came right back with “You. He sends his best.”

If that had been me,(or most people, I suspect), it would’ve taken me a day to come up with that, and I’d be forever kicking myself for missing it. He’s sharp.

And good for him for actually leading his military instead of letting the Pentagon talk him into doing the opposite of what he wanted to do.

The world is a vast and complex place, and there aren’t any policy decisions that have zero negative consequences for everyone in the world - if there were perfect solutions to everything governing would be easy. And Republicans certainly should be familiar with the concept of acceptable losses, having decided that 200,000 lives* was an acceptable price for some minor mitigation ( at best) of the economic damage wrought by the pandemic.

Yes, the early days of the evacuation were a total bungle, the failure to predict the fall of Kabul was a massive intelligence failure and I really think a serious investigation is in order. The buck may stop with Joe Biden, but the buck goes a lot of places before it gets to him and I’m concerned about the lingering aftereffects of the last four years of maladministration. Many of our government agencies were run by people actively working against the mission of the agency, and Trump probably managed to embed a lot of his people in non-political positions. One criticism that I do have of Biden is that he is trying so hard to not be Trump that he’s left a lot of people in place that I think are corrupted and should be replaced. Chris Wray, for one, but that’s a topic for another post.

  • I’m being very fair here, I’m using author Michael Lewis’s estimate of the amount of lives lost due to substandard management of the pandemic - a number he derived by comparing the US loss of live to that of other developed countries. Lewis’s estimate was actually 180,000 but the book was published before the last wave.

… like M-80s thrown into a fire pit when you’re cooking steaks…

Yeah, I love that. Very quick and sharp under pressure. It would have taken me a day to come up with that as well.

Biden stutters a bit, and is not an orator like Obama was. Everyone has difficulties in their life.

Trump couldn’t/can’t put two sentences together. And that’s when he’s reading a prepared speech.