Can I call myself a preacher?

I was watching the news and the subtitle said Preacher Bill whatever. It got me to thinking. If I talk to no end on some useless and unprovable fallacy can I be called a preacher?
I know about the cat in the barn that communicates with the snakes in the grass.
Would you like to hear more?

preacher apprentice mewl

You can call yourself pretty much anything you please. I can call myself “Reverend Balance of the Church of Kinetically Mediated Karma”, if I want. (I’ve even got a nice little ordination paper somewhere from the Universal Life Church.)

What other people will call you is a different question, and if they’re aware that you don’t have a flock of some sort, it’s not likely to be “Preacher”.

Sweet. Pope Mewl the 500ear I am.

So the cat meowed in my ear that the snake said hiss!

kneel bitches