Can I change the way IE favorites are displayed?

My list of favorites is too long for the display in MS Internet Explorer, so now it scrolls. I don’t want to create new sub-folders. I recall on Netscape that instead of scrolling, the bookmarks were displayed as columns (until one gets too many columns, I suppose. Is there any way to get my favorites in IE to all display at once in columns, let’s say, without having to scroll?

Help much appreciated.


Internet Explorer has decided to deal with long lists one way, Netscape has decided to deal with long lists another way.

Your favorites are stored just like regular files in a folder somewhere on your hard drive. Search for a folder named “favorites”. Open that folder and you can display the icons within using any of the regular display options (list, small icons, etc.)

I’m not sure if this will help much as the option doesn’t even appear on my version of IE, but give it a try.