Will rearranging IE favorites via the Explorer break anything?

I’ve notices that the Interner Explorer ‘favorites’ look like an ordinary nest of folders beneath the /user/<name> folder.

I have an ungodly mess of bookmarks. It seems it would be easier to simply make new folders and drag and drop them about to organize them using the regular explorer (or, even better, one of the two window view replacements) rather than using the ‘arrange bookmarks’ thingy under the IE favorites command within IE.

Is there any reason not to do it this way?

Nope, should work fine.

That’s the only thing I ever missed about IE: manipulating the bookmarks through a file manager.
I barely bother with bookmarks now, but when they were more necessary I preferred sorting and deleting that way.

Thank you, both! It seemed the obvious way to do it, but sometimes ‘obvious’ means ‘lurking trap’…