Can I do anything tasty with the dripping from my brisket?

Just threw a brisket in the oven.

Been wondering if there is a way I can turn the drippings into a tasty sauce.

I was thinking about putting the drippings into a sauce pan along with some dry red wine, then reducing it.

Will that work?

Sure, or make a nice brown gravy out of it and serve over roast potatoes.

Let it cool down a bit, then lick it straight out of the pan.

Have an SO? :wink:

Cook beans under the brisket and allow the drippings to drip into the beans. Magical. Sublime.

What kind of beans?

Like the beans you’d use for barbecue baked beans. Navy, pinto, Northern, cannelini, etc.

If you have a dog, let it cool and pour it onto dry dog food.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Gonna have to try that baked beans idea.

Whenever I smoke a brisket, I make sure to catch the drippings*. I de-fat them and incorporate them into a sauce for the meat. And when I cook in the oven, again, the drippings flavor whatever braising liquid (usually lager) I’m using. Again, I’ll de-fat it at the end. I never want to waste all that flavor.

*If you are going to wrap, which I almost always do, I put the drippings from the unwrapped cooking time into the wrap. I don’t bother de-fatting at this point and just wait to the end.

Almost anything you do with meat drippings will end up delicious. Another possibility is to put the meat on top of some thick slices of bread in the pan, as I discovered pretty much by accident.

What’s the hardest thing about smoking a brisket?

[spoiler]Keeping it lit.


Around here, the drippings usually go into the beans or sauce.


Use the drippings for Yorkshire pud.

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