Can I do this in Firefox, e-mail a session to someone?

I’ve got 6 tabs open right now. I’d like to reproduce them at home exactly as they are here at work. What would be the best way to do this?

Well, you could do this…[ul][li]Go to the ‘Bookmarks’ drop-down menu and select ‘Bookmark All Tabs’ to create a folder containing bookmarks for all current tabs[]Access the ‘Bookmarks Manager’ by returning to the ‘Bookmarks’ drop-down menu and selecting ‘Organize Bookmarks…’[]Export all your bookmarks to a file (‘bookmarks.html’) by selecting ‘Export…’ under the ‘File’ drop-down menu []Transmit that file to your home pc somehow[]On your home pc, open Firefox and return to the ‘Bookmarks Manager’ once again[]Select ‘Import…’ from the ‘File’ drop-down menu and select your bookmark file[]Return to the main Firefox window and access the ‘Bookmarks’ drop-down menuRight-click the folder you created in the first step and choose ‘Open All In Tabs’ from the context menu[/ul][/li]
…Oh. Did you say “the best way”? :smack:

Start to compose an email to yourself.

In Firefox, Click on the first tab.
Put your cursor in the address bar (where it says “http://…”).
Hold down the CTRL button and press A (select all)
Hold down the CTRL button and press C (copy)
Go to your email and put your cursor where you want to put the first URL.
Hold down the CTRL button and press V (paste)

Do this for each of the six tabs, and send yourself the email.

At home, open up Firefox.
Open the email.
Click on each link OR copy/paste each link into a new tab in Firefox.

Set up a GMail account, and install the Google Browser Sync extension on both machines.

Your bookmarks and session info get stored at Google, and get opened up on any synced browser on startup.

It is really cool.


Ah, see. Dis is what I was looking for. Thanks.